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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Trip To See KISS Rocks Las Vegas!!!

Right after the KISS Kruise IV we took a flight to Las Vegas to see KISS for 3 shows at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino!
We landed in the evening, so in the darkness we could see all the lights from the Strip. We arrived at the HRH and when we checked in we got some cool KISS room keycards and when we took the elevator to our room the doors had KISS images all over them! later when we walked through the hotel, we saw KISS everywhere, on slotmachines, pokertables, behind the incheckdesk there was a rotating KISS display, we had KISS don't disturb tags, KISS cards, KISS menu's, KISS cocktails, a special KISS store, staff was in KISS shirts. There were KISS pokerchips, KISS displays, huge KISS banners in and outside the hotel and even on big bilboards around the city!
Outside the HRH was the Hard Rock Cafe, even they had KISS displays and more. That evening we also visit the KISS Monster Mini Golf that was located near the HRH, they had a huge shop with cool items for sale, ahhh that's what a collector needs, lol. The place rocks and we decided to play golf the next day (our KMMG report will be coming soon!) and went back to our hotel to get some dinner.
When we had placed our order in the restaurant, I saw suddenly Paul Stanley sitting 2 tables from us, having dinner too! OMG we could believe this! So try now to eat something! There weren't any more KISS fans there, so when Paul was ready to leave the place, we asked him for a photo and it was no problem at all! We'll never forget this moment! What better way for us to start our KISS Las Vegas Residency this way?

The next day after our visit to the KISS Monster Mini Golf we took the KISS Bus to the strip to check out all the happenings there. All we can say, Vegas is a great city! We had to come back to the HRH early because KISS would arrive in a helicopter in front of the HRH to kick of their shows.
We got a good spot and when the KISScopter landed we almost blew away from the roters, lol. Soon after it was landed Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric stepped out and posted for press pics. Than they came our way and everyone there went nuts. This was so cool to witness, what a way to start the residency, with KISS there's never a dull moment!

After this it was time for us to get ready for show 1. We had GA stand tickets for this show, we made sure we were early to get a good spot and Lucky we did. The Joint isn't that big and where ever you stand our sit, you could see the show perfect. There wasn't any support act and around 8:20 pm, lights went out and it's time for KISS!
When the show started big lightdisplays-doors slide to each site and there they were, Eric on his drumriser coming down and Gene, Paul & Tommy on the stage! They had a brand new stage design, special made for these 9 shows, with big screens around the stage and even on the ceiling. A brand new light show with lasers! They started with Creatures Of The Night:

With the new lighthows, lasers and screens, the show was so much cooler to watch, you didn't knew where to look, lol. During Love Gun Paul flew to a little stage on the right balcony. But he stayed much longer as usual on that stage and when the song was over he started with the intro of Black Diamond. Suddenly he grab the flying stick and he flew through the venue, above us, to the left balcony to a second stage and continue with Black Diamond and than returning to the main stage! This was new and very welcomed by us!
KISS played for 100 minutes or so and we had a great time, we liked the new stage with the light/laser show, big screens and there was more pyro and bombs than ever before!
This was the setlist: Creatures Of The Night, Psycho Circus, Parasite, Tears Are Falling, Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Lick It Up, I Love It Loud, Hell Or Hallelujah, Bass Solo, God Of Thunder, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, Black Diamond, Shout It Out Loud, I Was Made For Lovin’ You & Rock And Roll All Nite
Here's a selection of the photo's from the 3 shows:

The next we check out Las Vegas, the Strip, to check out all the beautifull big hotels, all the stores and also visited the Pawn Stars Shop. In the evening we visit the Freemont Street Experience (we had a great time there) and we went back to the Strip to see it all again in all the lights! We had such a great time to see all those famous hotels, casino's and all the action on the Strip!

On Friday it was time for our second KISS show, but first we took a trip to the famous welcome to Las Vegas sign and went back to the strip. After we had some dinner at Vince Neil's restaurant Tatuado we returned to our hotel.
Around 7:30 pm we got to The Joint for KISS show 2, this time we had a seat at Gene's site. Suddenly a lot of people looked up to the middle of the venue and when we looked we saw Gene & Tommy get ready on the platform. This time the show had a new beginning and yes, when the show started they came down on the little platform to the big stage. So cool beginning of show 2!

The setlist was the same and this time we could feel the heat of the pyro's intenser!

During Love Gun, when Paul came flying to the little platform on the right side of the venue, we noticed that now he would walk around, instead of flying to the second platform! He had a lot of fun doing this, walking left and right high up in The Joint!

So cool to see another change in the show! We had luck to got a guitarpick from Gene this time and of course we had a blast!

On saturday we got to Paul's booksigning and this was so awesome for us to finally experience this!
Later we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to had some dinner and for we knew it, it was time for KISS show 3, our last show in Vegas for us.
This time we went earlier to The Joint, we want to make sure we got a good spot again with our GA standing tickets and we got, right behind the bars, we could see everything perfectly! This time the show started as the first one and they dropped I Was Made For Lovin' You and played Deuce.
When Paul flew over, we had a great view at him and we such a great time! We enjoyed this third show as much as we did our first! When it all was over for us, we want to stay, see more shows, see more KISS!
But it isn't over, till it's over! So right after the show we went to the KMMG to play golf, for the last time and we finished our trip with some KISS cocktails at the HRH, not thinking at our flight back home the next day at 8 am!
What can we say about this trip? Nothing more than that we had a awesome time with 3 great KISS shows, meeting Paul, visiting the KMMG and of course Las Vegas!!!
Here's a selection of our photo's:

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Daan said...

Gaaf, ik ben jaloers!

T said...

Wij zijn er ook en bij dezelfde 3 shows!

Stu said...

We're going also to the same shows. We'll see you there!

Dwane said...

We'll be in Vegas for the shows on the 8 & 12th and visit the KISS monster golf too.

George said...

Just bought tickets for the 12 and 14th, gold tickets, will stay in Luxor. See you all there.

Dwane said...

Any idea what show we can expect?A normal KISS set list or some rare tunes? Would love to hear a complete album performed live.
What do you all think?

Rockhead said...

@ Dwane; Let's hope they do something special, but I think there's the KISS Kruise for...

Kyle said...

We'll see us there at one of the shows!

Warmachine said...

Just purchased my tickets. I'l be there on November 5, 7 & 8.

Dwane said...

Looks great those signs at the Joint, it's almost there.

leo said...

Gaaf report Rockhead, was ik er maar bij geweest!

John said...

Love your big reports on the kruise and las vegas, well done!

Ron said...

I love your video's so cool, especially the helicoper landing, great!

Ivan said...

Mooi verslag weer van jullie, als ze het volgend jaar weer doen ben ik van plan om te gaan,lijkt me kicken!

JT said...

Great review and now (thanks to your review) I know for sure, IF Kiss are doing the Las Vegas residency next year, I'll be there!

Rockhead said...

We hope KISS will do Las Vegas next year, if they do, we'll try to be there again!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so fortunate to be able to indulge in your passion for KISS!