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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Visit To The KISS Monster Mini Golf!

When we were in Las Vegas for the KISS Las Vegas Residency, we also visiting the KISS Monster Mini Golf a couple of times! It was great to see this place now for real!
On the evening when we've arrived in Vegas we went to the KMMG to check it out, Eric Carr's Porsche was right in the entrance and of course we took pics of the car. All around the place were display's with all kind of KISS merchandise (looked like our home, lol) and posters and T-shirts on the walls. The golf erea was big and we could see some of the KISS statues on the play field. But it was late and we decided to play some golf the next day.
There was also a shop located with a lot of KMMG items for sale as well KISS Merchandise and as a collector myself I was like a kid in the candy shop, lol. We looked around and of course we bought some items.

Besides play golf and get married on the Love Gun stage, you could also put on Gene's or Paul's Boots on and take some photo's as you wear them. I always want to walk in Gene's Destroyer Boots, so I put them on and I can tell you it isn't easy to walk around in them!

The next morning it was time for us to play some KISS golf. Every hole had a KISS theme as big guitars, big heads of the Demon, Starchild, Spaceman & Catman, boots and more. We enjoyed playing and had a lot of fun.

After our KISS Golf experience, we had to check out the KISS Love Gun Wedding Chappel, were you can get married or renew your vows. We had the desire to have a photo with us on that Love Gun stage and we now have it!

After our last KISS show in Las Vegas we went back to the Monster Golfto play golf one last time and we loved it!

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Victor said...

I've played golf there more than once, it's a great place, it rocks!

George said...

Enjoyed your report, those Gene dragonboots kick ass, don't they?

Carly said...

The KISS mingolf is a fun place to be, I was there too and had lots of fun!

Christina said...

I love your report and I'm glad you both had a great time at the golf!

Jan said...

Te gekke foto van jou in de gene laarzen!

Kyle said...

I've too visit this!!!