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Saturday, June 25, 2022

KISS Live In Frankfurt, Antwerp & Dortmund!

On june 24th we drove by car to see KISS live in Frankfurt (Germany)!
After we checked in our hotel and got something to eat, we went to the venue. It was so hot inside the Festhalle, it feeled like a greenhouse. But we only had to wait for a few minutes untill we heard the famous announcement: You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best, The Hottest Band In the World...KISS!
As soon as the curtain came down we were cheering, jumping, singing with every song they played. We wanted to make sure that we enjoyed every minute of it!
This show would be special to me, because it's my 70th (!) KISS show!

Here's our video of one of the highlights of a KISS show and one of my favorite songs: Gene's bloody bass solo & God Of Thunder:

We loved every minute of this show and It always amaze us that they still dominate the stage after all those years! Nothing beats a KISS show! There's so much energy going around, Paul is still jumping, jiggleling, moving like he's 30! Gene is still the demon in every step of the way, his demon looks, waggle his tongue, drooling, spitting, he's almost human! Tommy running on stage with his guitar solo's and Eric's drumbeat kicks ass!
Here's another video from us of one of the highlights from tonights show: Paul flying & Love Gun.

They ended their show with of course Rock And Roll All Night with a lot of confetti, bombs, pyro and smoke. Gene & Tommy went up high on the risers with Paul smashing his guitar.

Than it was all over, we were sweaty, feeling hot, but so excited, what a show!

This was our third show during their European second leg of the End Of The Road World Tour.
Setlist was the same as the previous 2 shows...

KISS Live In Antwerp!

On june 6th we saw our second KISS show in Antwerp (Belgium) and of course we had a awesome night!
This time we took no photo's or video's, we only wanted to enjoy this show as there weren't any camera's existed, lol...

KISS Live In Dortmund!

Finally after a 2 year delay we went by car on june 1th to see KISS Live In Dortmund (Germany)
We we're so excited to see our favorite band again we had suposed to see them in 2020! We thought it would never happen again, but hey, here we are and ready to rock and roll tonight!
We arrived at 4 PM at the Westfallenhalle in some rainy weather. Around 5 PM we got a wristband to secure our spot in the inner circle! Around 6:30 PM the doors went open and as soon we went through them, my lovely wife run like hell to the stage, to Gene's side, we were front row! So, now all we could do is waiting till it's time for our favorite band!
A copple of minutes for 9 PM it was time for the Hottest Band In The World...KISS! As soon the curtain was gone, we saw Gene, Paul & Tommy coming down each on the platforms to the stage with a lot of smoke and fire, like they did in 2019 and behind them on the drumriser was Eric coming down too! KISS played tight and sounded great! There was a great vibe at the sold out venue. It was like everybody was happy to finally see the band live again after all the covid postponements in the last 2 years.
So we enjoyed every minute of the show and we sang so loud with each and every song! Of course all the well known KISS songs were played as Detroit Rock City, Deuce or Heaven's On Fire.
Here's our video of: I Love It Loud:

Gene spit fire and did his bloody bass solo, flew up on the platform above the stage to play God Of Thunder. Tommy shooted off rockets, Eric pounded the drums like a Cat and Paul flew over the crowd to the little stage in the middle of the venue to perform Love Gun, oh boy, what did we've miss this!
Every time we'll see KISS we got the chills and are so excited to see a show again, we cann't get enough of it. Especially on front row, it's like you're sucked into the show and nothing beats a KISS show, it's a experience!
Of course they ended the show with Rock & Roll All Night with tons of confetti, pyro, smoke & bombs, Paul smashing his guitar, Gene & Tommy on the risers and Eric high in the sky on his drumriser!
Than it was all over, we were sweaty, hot, covered by confetti and have so enjoyed the show, we couldn't wait to see them in a copple of days in Antwerp...

This was the setlist: Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, Warmachine, Heaven's On Fire, I Love It Loud (Gene breathes fire) Say Yeah, Cold Gin (with Tommy's guitar solo) Lick It Up, Calling Dr. Love, Tears Are Falling, Psycho Circus (with Eric's drum solo) God Of Thunder (with Gene's bass solo) Love Gun (Paul flying to stage) I Was Made For Lovin' You & Black Diamond. Encore: Beth (Eric on piano) Do You Love Me? & Rock And Roll All Nite.

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Have fun!

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It was a hot (& great show tonight

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Das war echt ein geiles Konzert