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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The KISS Kruise VIII: Decades At Sea !!!

We're happy to have booked for the KISS Kruise VIII !!!

It's coming closer and more real with the Laminates (we're senior fleet admirals) & Luggage Tags we got in today!
This will be our 7th one sailing from Miami on Halloween!

These are the bandmembers activities, this time we'll get 2 instead of 1:

This Kruise will be epic because for the first time Ace Frehley joins us!

And Bruce Kulick will return again!
We're excited to sail with KISS again!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

One Last KISS - End Of The Road - World Tour!!!

We knew this was in the works since november 2017 and today finally it has been announced: One Last KISS "The End Of The Road" World Tour!
But when you heard that it's official now we are emotional about that this will be KISS final & last world tour!
Their intention is to go out on this tour for 2 to 3 years, but it's expected that KISS will perform after this tour at some events. Only the touring days will be over!
For us, we trying to see as much shows we can...

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

KISS & Gene Simmons Retweeted Us!

We're all over social media today, KISS & Gene Simmons retweeted us!
Also we're on the KISSonline Facebook page about our new KISS/Gene Bed Linen.

So cool...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

New KISS Bed Linen!

We've added this latest new KISS Bed Linen to our collection!
This double sided bed linen features Gene on the front and the KISS logo on the back. With Paul & Gene on cushion cover it's a great item...

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gene Simmons Retweeted Us!

To our suprise Gene Simmons retweeted us about our Vault experience in Amsterdam! We're proud...

Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Happy Birthday To Gene Simmons!

A happy birthday to Gene Simmons!
The one and only demon of KISS celebrates his 69th birthday today...

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Our Gene Simmons Vault Experience!!!

On july 22th we had our Gene Simmons Vault Experience in Amsterdam (NL)

But first we've to go back to september 20th from last year, the day that Gene announced his Vault! When we heard what all was included in the Vault Experience we know this is something we want to have in our KISS collection. First of all the music, 166 songs (demo's & unreleased songs from 1966 till 2016) on 11 CD's, the Vault itself, a big save that contains these CD's package in a massive cloth-bound with embossed gold foil commemorative book with tons of never seen before photo's of Gene's 50 year career. A limited edition Gene Simmons Business Action Figure, a In Gene We Trust oversized Coin and a Special Gift From Gene!

So when we bought our Vault early october, on that day our experience began.
On the KISS Kruise VII we got a taste of what we could expect with the making of the Gene Simmons Vault, hosted by the Demon himself & Keith Valcourt. Were you got a extreme close-up to the Vault, with some snippets of the songs that are included on the boxset and even Gene played My Uncle Is A Raft on his accoustic guitar!

Our experience went even better when on december 12th @ 8:57 PM we got a telephone call from Mr. Simmons himself! We were 1 of the lucky fans Gene called as a special suprise!

He thanked us for buying the Gene Simmons Vault! We talked about the Vault and everything that was in it. Also we talked about his upcoming new book: 27.
I spoke with Gene about the recent fire's in Los Angeles and I asked him if the Gene Simmons Band would do a European tour in 2018 and he confirmed some dates to me. Then we talked about family, we spoke over a lot of personal stuff and talked quite some time with eachother and all I can say that he was sincere about everything we talked about. When our conversation came to it's end he wished us a merry KISSmas and a happy new year. He looked forward to see us at the Vault Experience soon!
Wow, what more can I say?

In januari we got the Vault pre-pack in with all kind of items!

It includes: a Signed Golden Ticket by Gene with my name, a Download Card for Are You Ready, a Laminate & a cool T-Shirt!
In may we got this special Vault Personal Gold Plated Label in!

It's heavy and looking awesome with my name on it!

So, on july 22th, a sunny & hot sunday, we drove to Amsterdam were we had our Vault Experience @ the A'dam tower, in the Gibson Room on the 10th floor. We think this location was 1 of the best. But before we got in this room we first had to check us in and Keith recognised us right away and before I knew it I had my wristband, # 3 in line!

When we waited untill it was time to go to the Gibson Room we got some cool Amsterdam Vault Guitarpicks from Keith and at 12:30 PM it was time to go to the 10th floor. When we came into the room we looked for the stage and got us a nice place on the front row, now it was time to relax, get some drinks, talk to other fans untill Gene would take the stage.

Around 2 PM Gene was welcome by the fans with a lot of cheers and the Vault Songs & Stories and Q&A session began. First he told us what all was included on the Vault and his 50 year career. But we also wanted Gene to play something for us and so he did and played his very first song he ever recorded; My Uncle Is A Raft:

He also talked about how compose a song, how you come up with lyrics and suddenly he asked Marina to give him a song title. The first title she could think of was Do You Love Me and right on the spot Gene came up with lyrics and had a verse ready before we knew it. This was so awesome and here's our video of it:

The whole session was a lot of fun, Gene was funny (did a Elvis impression) joking and he even learned some new Dutch words, like gereedschapskist or what the word pick means in Dutch, lol.
As we said before it was a hot sunday and Gene get's sweaty and hotter every second during the sesssion and wiping of his face with some napkins.

He talked about how Paul Stanley wanted him to sing some specific parts of songs, like Take Me or I Was Made For Lovin' You. It was so funny and here's our video of it:

We had such a great time during this session and for us it could have go on for hours. But Gene would love to handing out some Vaults! Enjoy our photo's from the session:

After a small break it was time for for Gene to hand over each Vault personally. We were # 3 and around 3:30 PM it was our turn to get into the special room were would meet Gene and get our Vault out his hands! When we go into the room (nervous as hell, lol) a little bit dark, we looked for him and there he was, even without the make-up, he's still the Demon. He was so nice and sincere to us. Thanked us for beeing there and looked to all the cool items we brought with us to for him to sign.

Especially the KISS Lunchbox from the 70's or his Blood Cup from the show in Rock Im Rivier 2015!

We also let him sign the massive Vault Book:
We think at turned out great!
During all of this we talked with Gene about all kind of stuff and he's such a funny man!
So now it was time to get our Vault signed by Gene:
We wanted to let him write a quote (from him) that always had such a powerfull meaning to us and still has!
We think it turned out awesome, especially in gold!
After everything was signed, we got our photo's with Gene. We got a awesome photo together (see above) and also some great seperate ones:

But it wasn't over yet. I asked Gene if he would say a special message on video for me about our KISS weblog and he said it was a pleasure for him to do it, so here it is:

Isn't this awesome?
We thanked Gene for this incredible experience and when we left the room he thanked us for the gift! We walked out the room with a big smile on our faces!

Now we had to get the Vault into our car, first we had to get it into his original packing box, went all smootly, closed it with tape, get it on our trolly, get into the elevator and rolled it straight to our car. Job done!
When we got back to the Gibson Room, we talked with fans about their experiences, took photo's, got some drinks and then headed over the Butcher Club to get the special God Of Thunder burger, it tasted sooo good. But all good things have to come to a end, even if we don't want it. So we left around 7 PM (we drove very savely because we had a Vault with us) and arrived at home at 9. The first thing we did was un-packed our Vault and looked and touched it.

Then we opened the Vault and took the book out:

Now we could see the Gene Business Action Figure and the In Gene We Trust Coin and the Special Gifts From Gene.

Here's a closer look to the Gene Simmons Figure:

It looks amazing in details, his leather jacket, feels like real leather and his jeans feels like a real one!
Also the Gene Coin looks great:

There are so many details in it, like his signature, his devil handsign or his Axe bassguitar!
This is the backside of the Coin:

This is how we set up our Vault in our livingroom:

We think our set up looks great with Gene's guitars on the background. We put a custom made glassplate on top of the Vault to protect Gene's signed quote.
We placed the Coin and the Gene Figure (in a special display) on top of it.
The special Amsterdam Guitar Picks & Buttons got a spot in front of the vault.
We hang our laminates on the left handle of the Vault:

And the Special Personal Gold Plated Label on the right handle:

It's now a real eye catcher in our room!

These are our other signed items:

The original KISS Lunchbox from the 70's!

The first KISS Album!
Here's a closer look to the Vault Amsterdam Guitar Pics & Buttons:

And looking to all these items, looking back to this day, listening to a Journey Of 50 Years of Gene music, all we can say we had a incredible, awesome Gene Simmons Vault Experience!!!

*(c) 2018. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!

Our Roadtrip To See The Gene Simmons Band Live!

Our roadtrip to see the Gene Simmons Band during their European tour began on july 18th when we arrived in Esh-Alzette (Luxembourgh) around 12 PM @ the Rockhal. We were one of the first fans who were there at this time. The first thing we saw were the big banner promoting Gene's show and we took some photo's with it. After we have check-in to our hotel and got something to eat we went back to the venue and waited untill the doors went open. In meantime we talked with other fans and had a good time.

Around 6:30 PM de doors went open, the venue had several doors, but only 1 went open and we were lucky to stood right for that one. So, as soon we passed the secrurity we run to the stage and got a spot right in front of Gene on front row, so happy with this spot! We only have to wait untill the Demon would take the stage and around 9:10 PM the show started with the intro of Radio Active and Gene walked on the stage under a huge applause from the fans. Deuce followed and the place went nuts. After Shout It Out Loud Gene wanted his bassguitar louder, much louder. And from that moment it was louder, looked like the walls thrilled from the sound of his bass, go Gene!
Next up was Are Your Ready a song from his Vault and man what is this a cool song and awesome to hear this for the first time live, it kicked ass! Here's our video:

Despite the heat in the venue Gene had such a fun on stage and his band was great! He sweat a lot and wiped his face with a black towel more than once. Lucky enough we managed to get his towel and has now a special place in our KISS collection!

They played some cool songs like All The Way, Long Tall Sally or one of our favorites Charisma, Here's our video:

Before we knew it the show was over, much to soon for us, he could have go on for hours. Such a awesome experience to finally see Gene doing a solo show and we had a blast! We returned with abig smile on our faces to our hotel.

After breakfast we left our hotel and drove to the next city to see show # 2 of the Gene Simmons Band in Tilburg (Netherlands) on july 19th. We arrived around 2 PM at the 013 Poppodium and after we've parked our car we went straight to the doors and to our suprise no fans were there (yet). I went to the boxoffice to pick up my reserved GSB poster! After some time more fans arrived and we had a great time talking to them. Around 6 PM some people from the venue told us that we had to make some room because they had to place some fences around the entrance, couldn't they've placed them way earlier and not 1 hour before the doors will open?
At 7 PM the doors went open and ones again we rushed to the stage to get a good spot and we did, front row for Gene!

At 9 PM we hear the intro and we knew it's time to have a rock & roll party. The show started with Deuce and the crowd was into the show from that moment on. Are You Ready get's better and better each time we hear it live! This time they played Radio Active and here's our video:

Gene said we can play anything we want, what do you want to hear? Okay here's She's So European and the fans loved it. We also saw Shannon & Sophie watching the show left from the stage and when Gene asked that the fans would sing with him on Do You Love Me he invited Sophie on stage to let her sing the chorus and she did a great job, she has a great voice! Suddenly she recogniced us and waved to us, such a cool moment!
The setlist was almost the same as in Luxembourgh but with a few suprises like I Was Made For Lovin' You & Domino. We had a great time again and Gene sounds awesome live and enjoyed his show as much we do! It was time to drive home, get some rest and get ready for his next show.

Next day we got up early and drove to Oberhausen (Germany)on july 20th to see show # 3 of the Gene Simmons Band. We arrived on this hot friday around 12 PM at the Turbinenhalle, only a few fans were waiting. So we do what we always do, talking to other fans about KISS and what's going on with their bandmembers. Slowly after time went by, more and more fans showed up and around 5:30 PM the doors went open. Our only goal was straight to the stage to get a good spot. But once inside the venue there were another 2 doors you've to go in before you got to the stage, but these were not open yet, because the soundcheck wasn't done? So, we have to wait again? Why not open doors if everything is ready? So, this time maybe a good spot wasn't in for us... Finally the other doors went open and we run like hell to the stage and lucky enough we got front row, right in front of Gene! So, now we've to wait and have to go through 3 support bands (because it was a kind of festival) untill it was time for the GSB. It was so hot inside the venue that people fainted and than security started to handing out bottles of water.

We think it was close to 10 PM when the intro of Radio Active began and when we heard it all the heat and tiredness of waiting disappeared and got ready for Gene. As soon he walked on the stage we had a great time and we think this was the best show we saw. Gene was joking all the time and asked fans what they wanted to hear, so here's Unholy!
One of the things he does, if fans don't pay attention to his show by talking or looking on their cellphones, is to confront them. Asking them what the hell they're doing here, why they don't pay attention to him, I'm Gene Simmons, I'm in KISS. He even stopped the show for this, lol. We also don't understand why people are talking or are on social media during a show.
But go on with the show, tonight we got a lot of more songs than on the 2 previous shows, like Watching You, Goin' Blind or what about Love Theme from KISS! Here's our video:

The fans had such a great time and responded with a lot of cheers and singing along to these songs, that Gene played some more gems, like Warmachine & Ladies Room and we had a blast! As we said before this show in Oberhausen was the best show out of 3, with 23 songs!
But everything has to come to a end, we saw 3 awesome shows and Gene was in top shape. We're happy that we had the chance to see Gene perform solo and we hope he will return to Europe to do some more shows in the future.
Here's a selection of our photo's from these 3 shows...

Lucky enough we don't have to wait long to see Gene again, we'll see him on sunday july 22th at the Vault Experience in Amsterdam!

*(c) 2018. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ace Frehley's Bronx Boy 12" Vinyl Single Is In!!!

Today we got the new Ace Frehley's Bronx Boy 12" vinyl single in!!!
This limited numbered edition is on white/black marble vinyl!

It's a great "classic" tune coming form Ace new upcoming album Spaceman and will be released october 19th...

New Ace Frehley Album Spaceman Coming Soon!

European Album Cover!

The upcoming new album of Ace Frehley Spacemanwill be released october 19th!!!
This is Ace 8th solo album and contains 9 new tracks:

Without You I'm Nothing , Rockin' With The Boys, Your Wish Is My Command, Bronx Boy, Pursuit Of Rock And Roll, I Wanna Go Back, Mission To Mars, Off My Back & Quantum Flux.

US Album Cover!

Ace played bass on all of the songs on Spaceman except for 2, a KISS fan will recognice this bass for sure... Gene Simmons on the album opener, Without You I'm Nothing, which Gene also co-wrote, and Your Wish Is My Command!
Ace has also released a new song today called Rockin' With The Boys and we think it rocks and we're looking forward to his new album, we've pre-ordered our copies...

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I've Been Interviewed By Veronica Magazine!

Recently I've been interviewed by Veronica Magazine!
Today it has been published in the latest isue of this Netherlands biggest TV magazine (week 31) and is now for sale at your local magazine store.
We're so proud...