Updated on June 10th 2021

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*** Welcome on Rockhead's KISS Weblog!!! *** Gene Simmons welcomes you to our KISS Weblog!!! *** KISS Destroyer 45th Super Deluxe Editions coming in november 2021! *** KISS Off The Soundboard Tokyo 2001 album out now!!! *** KISS announced all the rescheduled new European dates for 2022, we've bought tickets for the extra show in Amsterdam on july 21th, we still have our tickets for the shows in Dortmund, Antwerp & Frankfurt!!! *** Paul Stanley's Soul Station Now And Then album out now!!! *** Frehley's Origins Vol. 2 album out now!!! *** Our KISS Kruise IX Experience!!! *** Our Ace Frehley Meet & Greet Experience in Miami!!! *** Our Peter Criss Meet & Greet Experience in Miami!!! *** Check out our KISS Meet & Greet Experience @ Graspop! *** Our concert reviews from KISS live In Essen, Graspop, Amsterdam & Iffezheim are posted! *** We've just booked for the KISS Kruise IX! *** Check out our KISS Kruise VIII Experience now, including the Gene Simmons Vault Event! *** Check out our Vinnie Vincent Meet & Greet Experience now! *** We're lucky to get our Paul Stanley Puma Sneakers! *** Check out our Gene Simmons Vault Experience now, with video's & photo's! *** Read our Gene Simmons Band concert reviews from Esh-Alzette, Tilburg & Oberhausen! *** Check out all our KISS Kruise Experiences, with many photo's & video's! *** Everything about our Meet & Greet Experiences with Peter Criss in Los Angeles & New York aswell our LA & NY KISS Landmark Tours! *** Read our report about our own KISS/Peter Criss LA & NY sightings tour! *** We've meet Bruce Kulick in New York! *** Check out our concert reviews of the KISS shows in Dortmund, Frankfurt & Rotterdam! *** We got a email from Peter Criss! *** Check out our concert review of Ace Frehley live in Agoura Hills! *** Our visit @ Rock & Brews! *** Check out our reports from the KISS shows: @ Rock Im Revier, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Amsterdam & Graspop, including our Meet & Greet with KISS in Berlin june 3th 2015! *** Read our reports from the Ace Frehley shows in Amsterdam, Zoetermeer & Bochum 2015!!! *** Check out our trip to see KISS live in Las Vegas, including our visit to the KISS Monster Mini Golf and Paul Stanley's Book Signing! *** Read our Meet & Greet Experience with KISS in Prague, Czech Republic on june 14th 2013!!! *** Check out our report of our trips to see KISS live in Berlin, Germany 2013 and live at the Holmenkollen Sommerfestival in Oslo, Norway on june 30th 2012!!! *** Check out all our reports from the shows we attended during the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour 2010 including our KISS Meet & Greet in Arnhem (NL) *** Our Meet & Greet with Ace Frehley & Bruce Kulick! *** My KISS collection is updated with new photo's! ***

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Friday, October 22, 2021

KISS Logo & Army Bottle Opener Magnets!

Today we added this cool KISS Army Logo Opener Magnet to our collection!
It's 10,5 cm in size and the second one in this range.

The first one, the KISS Army Bottle Opener Magnet was bought 3 months ago.
It's 8 cm in size and features a magnet & opener in one...

Monday, October 18, 2021

Fran Stueber Passed Away!

Today we heard the sad news that Fran Stueber passed away!
He was Paul Stanley's guitartec for the last 20 years, RIP...

Saturday, October 9, 2021

KISS The Spaceman & Demon Destroyer Figures!

When we visit a local moviestore today we saw this new KISS The Spaceman Destroyer Figure for sale, of course we bought it for our collection!

This 5" collectible figure has 22 points of articulation, comes with 2 guitars, a microphone stand and removable/interchangeable hands.
It's the second figure in this bst-axn range.
Last january we added the KISS The Demon Destroyer Figure to our collection!

Also this 5" collectible figure has 22 points of articulation, removable/interchangeable hands & a microphone stand, but comes with a Punisher & Axe bassguitar...

Friday, October 1, 2021

KISS Destroyer 45th Super Deluxe CD Box!

We've just pre-ordered this incredible KISS Destroyer 45th Super Deluxe CD Box!
The original album on CD 1 is newly remastered, CD 2 features 15 demos from Paul Stanley’s & Gene Simmons’s personal archives, 9 of which are unreleased. CD 3 loads up with studio outtakes, alternate versions/mixes and single edits, with brand-new stripped-down mix for Beth and CD 4 features KISS live in Paris France at the L’Olympia on May 22, 1976.
Also a Blu-ray disc is included with a first-ever Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround mix of the original studio album plus 2 bonus tracks Beth (acoustic mix) & Sweet Pain (original guitar solo)

Packaging features a lift top-style box loaded with a lot of extra's like a KISS Army Kit, Posters, Stickers, Cards, Flyers, Bio Sheets, Certificate, Iron-On, Blueprints, Tour Program & a 68 pages Hardcover Book!
Release date is november 19th.

We've pre-ordered our exclusive deluxe edition CD box aswell the 2 LP Color Vinyl today...

Saturday, September 25, 2021

KISS Geeki Tikis Mugs!

Finally we've completed our KISS Geeki Tikis Mugs collection!

Today we added this awesome The Starchild Geeki Tikis KISS Mug to our collection, it was the last one we needed to make our set complete!

Here's The Starchild out of the package.
Holding approximately 22 fluid ounces, it measures approximately 18,5 cm tall.

The back side of the Mug has a great The Starchild design.

2 months ago we got our hands on The Spaceman Geeki Tikis KISS Mug!

This is how The Spaceman Mug looks out of the package.

On the back side of the Mug it has a great The Spaceman design.
Last month The Catman Geeki Tikis KISS Mug arrived to our home!

It was a great gift from lovely wife!

Here's The Catman Mug out of the package.

On the back side of the Mug it has a great The Catman design.
Almost a year ago we've got this awesome The Demon Geeki Tikis KISS Mug!

This Mug combines the unique style seen in traditional Tiki culture with The Demon's look.

It comes in a great package.

This is how The Demon Mug looks when it's out of the package.

This is the left side of The Demon Mug.

On the back side it has a great The Demon design.

Here's the right side of The Demon Mug.
We're happy that we've the Spaceman, Catman & Demon Mugs and now we've to try to get the last one of The Starchild...

Saturday, September 11, 2021

KISS Love Gun Lunchbox!

We added this new cool KISS Love Gun Lunchbox to our collection!

Cool artwork on the lunchbox shows the band with a fully embossed front cover.

The sideband shows Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley as the Demon & Starchild...

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Happy Birthday To Gene Simmons!

A happy birthday to Gene Simmons!

The one and only demon of KISS celebrates his 72th birthday today!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

New KISS The Demon Shorts!

Today we added this cool KISS The Demon Shorts to our collection!

It looks amazing...

Friday, August 6, 2021

Thursday, July 8, 2021

KISS Hailing From NYC T-Shirts!

Today we bought these cool KISS Hailing From NYC T-Shirts in Germany!

Friday, June 25, 2021

KISS Off The Soundboard Tokyo 2001!

We got the new KISS Off The Soundboard Tokyo 2001 Vinyl in today!
Our copy is a 3-LP black vinyl set with brown cover.

It's a 20th anniversary live recording from the Tokyo Dome on March 13, 2001, featuring Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley & Eric Singer.
Tracklist: Detroit Rock City, Deuce, Shout It Out Loud, Talk To Me, I Love It Loud, Firehouse, Do You Love Me, Calling Dr. Love, Heaven’s On Fire, Let Me Go Rock & Roll, Shock Me (Guitar Solo) & Psycho Circus, Lick It Up (Bass Solo) God Of Thunder (Drum Solo) Cold Gin, 100,000 Years, Love Gun, I Still Love You, Black Diamond, I Was Made For Lovin’ You & Rock And Roll All Nite.
2 weeks ago we got also the 2-CD version in.

I saw the same show a few weeks later when I attended 4 shows in Australia, during their farewell tour in april!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

11 Years Ago Today!!!

It's been exactly 11 years ago today when we got married!
These 11 years together have been magical, wonderfull and just amazing!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

KISS Black Kenworth Truck & Trailer!

Today we added this cool KISS Black Kenworth Truck & Trailer to our collection!
And it's BIG! About 55 cm large!

It's almost diecast metal with rubber tires and detailed interior...

Friday, May 21, 2021

We Got Our Tickets To See KISS In Amsterdam!!!

We got our tickets to see KISS in Amsterdam, The Netherlands just now!
With the rescheduled European KISS End Of The Road Tour dates for 2022 they announced also a new date in Amsterdam on thursday july 21th.

We still have our tickets for these shows:

Wednesday june 1th - Westfalenhalle - Dortmund, Germany

Monday june 6th - Sportpaleis - Antwerp, Belgium

Friday june 24th - Westfalenhalle - Dortmund, Germany

We're excited to see the first show of their European tour, with a copple of shows in between, and their last show ever in Europe in our home country Amsterdam, The Netherlands...

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

KISS The End Of The Road World Tour - New European Dates Announced !

Today KISS has announced the rescheduled and new European dates for The End Of The Road World Tour in 2022!!!

Here are the new dates:

June 1 - Westfalenhalle - Dortmund, Germany.
June 3 - Atlas Arena - Lodz Poland.
June 6 - Sportspalais - Antwerp Belgium.
June 7 - Accor Arena - Paris France.
June 10 - Download Festival - Castle Donington, UK.
June 13 - Barclaycard Arena - Hamburg Germany.
June 16 - Copenhell Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark.
June 18 - Tele 2 Arena - Stockholm Sweden.
June 20 - Hartwell Arena - Helsinki Finland.
June 22 - Scandinavium - Gothenburg Sweden.
June 24 - Festhalle - Frankfurt Germany.
June 26 - Stadthalle - Vienna Austria.
June 28 - Schleyerhalle - Stuttgart Germany.
June 30 - Festival Du Printemps De Perouges - Saint-Vulbas France.
July 2 - Rockfest - Barcelona, Spain.
July 3 - Wizink Arena - Madrid, Spain.
July 5 - Les Arènes de Nîmes - Nimes, France.
July 7 - Hallenstadion - Zurich, Switzerland.
July 9 - Zagreb Arena - Zagreb, Croatia.
July 11 - Arena Di Verona - Verona, Italy.
July 13 - O2 Arena - Prague, Czech Republic.
July 14 - Budapest Arena - Budapest, Hungary.
July 16 - Romexpo - Bucharest, Romania.
July 21 - Ziggo Dome - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We are excited and after 2 postponed tours we hope we can finally see KISS next year...