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*** Welcome on Rockhead's KISS Weblog!!! *** Gene Simmons welcomes you to our KISS Weblog!!! *** Our KISS Collection is updated with new photo's! *** KISS Off The Soundboard - Live In Poughkeepsie 1984 will be released on april 7th! *** We got our KISS Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Boxset in!!! *** Just announced: KISS End Of The Road/50th Anniversary World Tour 2023, we've tickets for their shows in Amsterdam on june 12th, Brussels on june 13th & Cologne on july 2th 2023!!! *** KISS Off The Soundboard: Live In Des Moines out now!!! *** Our KISS Meet & Greet Experience in Amsterdam!!! *** Check out our reports from the shows we attend during their End Of The Road European Tour 2022! *** Greatest KISS Vinyl out now!!! *** KISS Off The Soundboard: Live In Donnington out now!!! *** KISS Off The Soundboard Live In Virginia Beach out now!!! *** KISS The Music From The Elder Clear Vinyl Edition out now!!! *** We got our KISS Destroyer 45th Super Deluxe Editions in!!! *** KISS Off The Soundboard Tokyo 2001 album out now!!! *** Paul Stanley's Soul Station Now And Then album out now!!! *** Frehley's Origins Vol. 2 album out now!!! *** Our KISS Kruise IX Experience!!! *** Our Ace Frehley Meet & Greet Experience in Miami!!! *** Our Peter Criss Meet & Greet Experience in Miami!!! *** Check out our KISS Meet & Greet Experience @ Graspop! *** Our concert reviews from KISS live In Essen, Graspop, Amsterdam & Iffezheim are posted! *** Check out our KISS Kruise VIII Experience now, including the Gene Simmons Vault Event! *** Check out our Vinnie Vincent Meet & Greet Experience now! *** We're lucky to get our Paul Stanley Puma Sneakers! *** Check out our Gene Simmons Vault Experience now, with video's & photo's! *** Read our Gene Simmons Band concert reviews from Esh-Alzette, Tilburg & Oberhausen! *** Check out all our KISS Kruise Experiences, with many photo's & video's! *** Everything about our Meet & Greet Experiences with Peter Criss in Los Angeles & New York aswell our LA & NY KISS Landmark Tours! *** Read our report about our own KISS/Peter Criss LA & NY sightings tour! *** We've meet Bruce Kulick in New York! *** Check out our concert reviews of the KISS shows in Dortmund, Frankfurt & Rotterdam! *** We got a email from Peter Criss! *** Check out our concert review of Ace Frehley live in Agoura Hills! *** Our visit @ Rock & Brews! *** Check out our reports from the KISS shows: @ Rock Im Revier, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Amsterdam & Graspop, including our Meet & Greet with KISS in Berlin june 3th 2015! *** Read our reports from the Ace Frehley shows in Amsterdam, Zoetermeer & Bochum 2015!!! *** Check out our trip to see KISS live in Las Vegas, including our visit to the KISS Monster Mini Golf and Paul Stanley's Book Signing! *** Read our Meet & Greet Experience with KISS in Prague, Czech Republic on june 14th 2013!!! *** Check out our report of our trips to see KISS live in Berlin, Germany 2013 and live at the Holmenkollen Sommerfestival in Oslo, Norway on june 30th 2012!!! *** Check out all our reports from the shows we attended during the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour 2010 including our KISS Meet & Greet in Arnhem (NL) *** Our Meet & Greet with Ace Frehley & Bruce Kulick! *** My KISS collection is updated with new photo's! ***

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Celebrating KISS 50th Anniversary!!!

Today we're Celebrating KISS 50th Anniversary!!!
Exactly 50 years ago today, on January 30, 1973 KISS performed their very first concert at Popcorn (The Coventry) in Queens, NY. The band performed 2 sets at the club that night for a crowd of under 10 people.
A lot have changed since that day for the band and they became the hottest band in the world, just a few years later, selling millions of albums!
There have been different line ups and different situations that arose, but every member of this band deserves to be recognized as being a part of the magic that is KISS!
Their 5 decades of KISStory is astonishing!

I became a fan in 1979 and Marina in 1986, what a ride it's been since then!
We saw our favorite band live all over the world, experienced KISS Kruises, had personal meetings and interactions with band members over all those decades!
Never ever we could’ve imagine that in 2023 KISS would be still around and celebrating their 50th anniversary today!
We congrat KISS with this amazing achievement and milestone in their career!
We'll celebrating their 50th anniversary today and during the upcoming European shows this summer...

Friday, January 27, 2023

KISS Off The Soundboard - Live In Poughkeepsie 1984!

On april 7th KISS will be releasing KISS Off The Soundboard - Live In Poughkeepsie 1984!
This fifth official soundboard live release is from the show on November 28th 1984 during their Animalize World Tour and featuring, besides Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley, also for the first time Eric Carr & Mark St. John!
Tracklist: Detroit Rock City, Cold Gin, Creatures Of The Nighs, Fits Like A Glove, Heaven's On Fire (guitar Solo) Under The Gun, War Machine (Drum Solo) Young And Wasted (Incomplete & Bass Solo) I Love It Loud, I Still Love You, Love Gun, Black Diamond, Oh! Susanna, Lick It Up & Rock And Roll All Nite (Incomplete)
This is be far one of the coolest and interresting release with Eric & Mark, can not wait to have this one in our collection...

Friday, January 20, 2023

Happy Birthday To Paul Stanley!

A happy birthday to Paul Stanley!

The ultimate frontman of rock & roll celebrates his 71th birthday today!

Sunday, January 1, 2023

A Happy New (KISS) Year!

We want to wish all the visitors of our blog a happy new KISS year!

Monday, December 26, 2022

KISS End Of The Road - A Belgium Tribute Special Edition!

We bought this KISS End Of The Road - A Belgium Tribute Special Edition magazine today!
This 32 page magazine is about all the concerts KISS gave in Belgium and we were at many of these shows...

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry KISSmas!

We want to wish all the visitors of our blog a merry KISSmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Happy Birthday To Peter Criss!

A happy birthday to Peter Criss, the original Catman who turnes 77th years today!

Monday, December 12, 2022

Happy Birthday To Bruce Kulick!

A happy birthday to Bruce Kulick who celebrates his 69th birthday today!

Saturday, December 10, 2022

KISS Alive II Tour 1978 Funko Pop Moment Set!

Today I got this awesome KISS Alive II Tour 1978 Funko Pop Moment Set from my lovely wife to celebrate our 12½ years wedding anniversary!

The Demon, Catman, Starchild & Spaceman Funko figures are dressed in their Love Gun outfits, with spotlights, a drum set, and a fireworks spectacle backdrop with the KISS logo!
This set is around 33 cm high and 45 cm width and I love it, such a great gift...

Friday, December 9, 2022

KISS End Of The Road/50th Anniversary World Tour!!!

We just bought our tickets for the KISS show in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on june 12th, for their just announced KISS End Of The Road/50th Anniversary World Tour in 2023!!!!

Yesterday we bought our tickets for the KISS show in Brussels (Belgium) on june 13th!

2 weeks ago we got our tickets in for Cologne (Germany) on july 2th!
We're so excited...

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Thursday, November 24, 2022

KISS Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Boxset!

We just got this new KISS Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Boxset in today!

This amazing boxset includes 5 CD's + 1 Blue-ray audio disc with the following tracklists:
Disc 1: Original Album Remastered Creatures Of The Night, Saint And Sinner, Keep Me Comin’, Rock And Roll Hell, Danger, I Love It Loud, I Still Love You, Killer & War Machine.
Disc 2: I’m A Legend Tonight, Down On Your Knees, Nowhere To Run, Partners In Crime, Deadly Weapon (Penny Lane Demo)* Feel Like Heaven (Penny Lane Demo)* Nowhere To Run (Penny Lane Demo)* Deadly Weapon (Original Demo)* Feel Like Heaven (Original Demo)* Nowhere To Run (Take 11 – Instrumental)* Tell It To A Fool (Take 4 – Drums & Bass Instrumental)* Chrome Goes Into Motion (Take 2 – Drums & Bass Instrumental)* I’m A Legend Tonight (Mix 4 – Instrumental & Background Vocals)* Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Take 8 – Drums & Guitar Instrumental)* Something Seems To Happen At Night (Gene Simmons Demo) It’s Gonna Be Alright (Gene Simmons Demo) * = Previously Unreleased!
Disc 3: Legends Never Die (Gene Simmons Demo) It’s My Life (Gene Simmons Demo) Not For The Innocent (Demo)* I Still Love You (Take 1)* I Still Love You (Take 2)* Saint And Sinner (Take 1)* Saint And Sinner (Take 2 – False Start)* Saint And Sinner (Take 3)* Betrayed (Outtake)* Creatures Of The Night (Alternate Mix 19)* Partners In Crime (Alternate Mix 16B)* I Love It Loud (Alternate Mix 21)* War Machine (Full-Length Version – Mix 11)* Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2 – 9/10/1982)* Rock And Roll Hell (Take 1 – Incomplete – 9/15/1982)* Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2 – 9/15/1982)* I Love It Loud (Single Edit) Creatures Of The Night (1985 Remix) * = Previously Unreleased!
Disc 4 - Creatures Tour Live '82/'82 - Part One Creatures Of The Night (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* Strutter (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* Calling Dr. Love (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* Firehouse (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* I Love It Loud (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* Cold Gin (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* Keep Me Comin’ (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* War Machine (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* I Want You (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* Rock And Roll Hell (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* I Still Love You (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* Shout It Out Loud (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* Gene Simmons Bass Solo (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* God Of Thunder/Eric Carr's Drum Solo, God Of Thunder (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* * = Previously Unreleased!
Disc 5: Creatures Tour Live '82/'83 Part Two / Bonus Live Performances/Bonus Creatures Tour Sound Effects: Paul Stanley's Love Gun Rap (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* Love Gun (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* Paul Stanley's Guitar Solo (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)* Black Diamond (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* Detroit Rock City (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* Rock And Roll All Nite (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* Rock And Roll Hell (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)* I Want You (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982) King Of The Night Time World (Pine Bluff, Arkansas – 2/11/1983)* Cold Gin (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* I Still Love You (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* Strutter (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)* Tank Start Of Show* Turbine* Firehouse Siren* Drum and Ending Tank* Bass Solo Wind and Gargoyles* Bells* Flames* * = Previously Unreleased!
Disc 6: Blu-Ray Audio: Creatures Of The Night, Saint And Sinner, Keep Me Comin’, Rock And Roll Hell, Danger, I Love It Loud. I Still Love You, Killer & War Machine.

This Boxset comes with a lot of incredible bonus items:

80-page Hardcover Book with Extensive Liner Notes by Ken Sharp, a Monsterous Amount of Unreleased Photos and Imagery.
Creatures Of The Night 1982 Press Kit featuring.
Creatures Band Press Bio Sheet.
Creatures Tour Band New Poster 11”x17”.
2 Stage Drawings.
The Loudest Band In The World Poster 16”x24”.
Japanese Promo Poster 16”x22.5”.
Band Black & White Promo 8”x10”.
Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent Color Photos 8”x10”.
Creatures 40th T-shirt Iron-on Transfer Sheet.
I Love It Loud Bumper Sticker.
Australian Creatures Sticker.
Marcanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro 6/18/83 Replica Ticket.
Creatures Tour Detroit VIP Cloth Sticky Backstage Pass.
4 Killers-era Trading Cards.
Creatures 1982 Replica Tour Program.
Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent – Chris Hoffman Illustrations 9”x12”.
Gotham Rock City News Volume 2 Newspaper – Track-By-Track Interviews with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent Michael James Jackson, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Adam Mitchell and Mikel Japp.
4 Glow-In-The-Dark Guitar Picks.
Iron-on Patch.
4 Buttons.

We're so happy & excited with this Creatures Of The Night 40th anniversary Deluxe Edition Boxset, it's boasts 103 total tracks with 75 tracks being unreleased! Creatures Of The Night is 1 of my all time favorite KISS albums, because of the thunder drumming from Eric Carr!

Remember Eric Carr!

It's been 31 years ago today when Eric Carr passed away.
Over the 11 years Eric spent with KISS, he played over 800 concerts and I was lucky enough to see him kick the drums at 3 shows, in 1984 and 2 in 1988.
Eric played the drums like thunder, especially on Creatures Of The Night!
For me he was the best drummer KISS ever had!

Take some time and remember Eric Carr today...

Saturday, November 12, 2022

KISS Las Vegas Signatures Colors 4-Pack Figure Set!

Today we got this new KISS Las Vegas Signatures Colors 4-Pack Figure Set in!
The beautifully designed display box features a garage door flap closure and shows all the 4 figures, in their Dynasty outfits, behind a plastic shell.

Each figure is about 5" high and comes with a lot of accessories including instruments, visuals, interchangeable instrument parts and hand gestures, aswell 4 collector cards!
This set is a great addition in our collection...

Monday, November 7, 2022

Happy Birthday To Tommy Thayer!

A happy birthday to Tommy Thayer, who celebrates his 62th birthday today!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Our KISS Collection!

We've just updated Our KISS Collection with new photo's!
In may 2022 we've moved to a new place (with more than 90 boxes of KISS merchandise!) and it took a while untill every single item was unpacked and got his new spot in our collection.

As a collector you always reorganize your items untill you're satisfied how it's been displayed.
So now we're ready to show you our new KISS room, just click on banner below...

Sunday, October 16, 2022

KISS The Hottest Brand In The Land Book!

Finally we added this amazing book: KISS The Hottest Brand In The Land to our collection!
This 390 pages book goes deep into the merchandise from the 70's and early 80's.
A must have for any KISS collector...

Sunday, September 25, 2022

KISS London Spots!

While we were in London last may, we visited some KISS London Spots!

Here we're at the same spot were they took the famous photo of KISS on the Westminster Bridge, on may 10th 1976!

Also the spot below are from the Westminster Bridge.

On this spot the Paul Stanley photo was taking on that same day.

After 46 years we finally visited these spots.

Friday, September 9, 2022

KISS Off The Soundboard: Live In Des Moines!

We've just got our KISS Off The Soundboard: Live In Des Moines vinyl 2-LP set in today!
This is the fourth in a series of live releases with a live recording from Des Moines on november 29th 1977, featuring Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley & Peter Criss.
This is the vinyl tracklist:
LP 1 - Side A: I Stole Your Love, King Of The Night Time World, Ladies Room, Firehouse & Love Gun. Side B: Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll, Makin' Love, Christine Sixteen & Shock Me.
LP 2 - Side A: I Want You, Calling Dr. Love, Shout It Out Loud & God of Thunder. Side B: Rock And Roll All Nite, Detroit Rock City, Beth & Black Diamond.
We decided to go for the German vinyl & CD releases this time, because of the censored KISS logo and white packages instead of the brown ones. The vinyl has only a white sheet in front of the brown package, but the 2-CD package is total white with also the censored logo pressed to the actual CD's!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

A Happy Birthday To Gene Simmons!

A happy birthday to Gene Simmons!

It was awesome to meet him in Amsterdam last july!

The one and only demon of KISS celebrates his 73th birthday today!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

KISS Icon Guitar Pick Set!

Today we got this great KISS Icon Guitar Pick Set in!

A big thank you to Keith Leroux...

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Our KISS Meet & Greet Experience In Amsterdam!!!

On july 21th we had our KISS Meet & Greet Experience In Amsterdam, the Netherlands!!!

We're so happy with our great photo's backstage at their last final show in Europe!
While we were waiting for our photo with the band, the moment Paul Stanley saw us he pointed and wave to us and keep doing it, we had such a cool interaction with him during our time with the band and also Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer were great to us! We had a incredible experience and a special big thank you for the special person who made this possible for us, you know who you are...

These cool items we got @ the Meet & Greet; a signed photo by the band, laminates & wristbands!

Earlier this day we had the opertunity to attend the KISS soundcheck in the afternoon!

At front row we watch the band perform: Plaster Caster, Got To Choose, Hotter Than Hell & Goin' Blind
Here's our video of Plaster Caster:

And our video of Goin'Blind:
During the Q&A there was 1 interesting qustion: will today be the last KISS show in Europe? With Paul answering; "We don't know when the last show will be, we've to much fun". So will this be their last show in Europe? We think they'll come back next year to celebrate their 50th anniversary...

We had such a blast @ the sound check, they had fun and we had fun.

When the soundcheck ended, we went to a special erea to relax and got something to eat & drink and the whole time we could stay in the venue untill the show...

After our Meet & Greet with the band we got our seats and after a few minutes it was time for our favorite band, we just saw a copple of minutes ago!
You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best: KISS!!!
As soon as the curtain came down, Gene, Paul & Tommy came down to the stage on their platforms surrounded with a lot of pyro, bombs and smoke, with Eric behind his drumkit coming down behind them! From that moment on the place went nuts and it was party time. The venue was packed and the band enjoyed playing in Amsterdam.
Here's our video from Detroit Rock City:

Paul said that this was the 12th time that they played in the Netherlands and the fans were awesome & crazy here.
Next up was Shout It Out Loud, follwed by, still one of my all time favorites: Deuce,
One thing was for sure, KISS was ready to destroy Amsterdam for one more time tonight.
Here's our video of one of our favorite songs, Warmachine:

KISS played tight and sounded great! There was a great vibe amoung the fans inside the Ziggo Dome.
We loved to hear I Love It Loud, with Gene spitting fire at the end, this time his flaming sword missed the box when he threwed it!
During Calling Dr. Love, Paul & Tommy did a great guitar-duell that went on for minutes, so cool and they didn't do it in any other show we went before!
Of course all the members elements were in the show, Eric did his drumsolo (with towel) on the riser, Tommy shooted off rockets during his guitarsolo and letting some ufo platforms exploding, Gene did his bloody bass solo and of course Paul flew over the crowd to the little stage to perform Love Gun & I Was Made For Lovin' You, and we loved everything!

Beth was the first encore with Eric behind the piano. Next up was Do You Love Me? with the balloons coming down on the crowd from the ceiling (instead of throwing to the crowd from the front of the stage by the crew) and this time there were so many coming down, much more as usual.

Next it was the song we didn't want to hear yet, we still hadn't enough, we still wanted more, much more! But the end of the show was coming with of course Rock And Roll All Night with a lot of confetti, bombs, pyro and smoke. Gene & Tommy went up on the risers with Eric up on his drumriser and of course Paul smashing his guitar.

Than it was all over, Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric waved to the fans, thanked the fans and left the stage. We were sweaty, hot, covered by confetti, feeking mixed emotions... sad, excited... all at once.
This was my 72th KISS show and my lovely wife her 51th show and still we can get enough of it! We don't want to believe this will be the last time that they'll be in Europe...

But it isn't over, till it's over, right?

This was the setlist: Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, Warmachine, Heaven's On Fire, I Love It Loud (Gene breathes fire) Say Yeah, Cold Gin (with Tommy's guitar solo) Lick It Up, Calling Dr. Love, Tears Are Falling, Psycho Circus (with Eric's drum solo) 100.000 years (second half) God Of Thunder (with Gene's bass solo) Love Gun (Paul flying to stage) I Was Made For Lovin' You & Black Diamond. Encore: Beth (Eric on piano) Do You Love Me? & Rock And Roll All Nite.

*(c) 2022. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!