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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gene Simmons Band European Tour- Update!!!

We're ready for our road trip to see The Gene Simmons Band in Europe!!!
We're so excited to see Gene live at the following shows:

18 July 2018: Esch/Alzette, Luxembourgh!

19 July 2018: Tilburg, The Netherlands!

20 July 2018: Oberhausen, Germany!

Here is Gene promoting his show in july (not januari, lol) in Holland:

Be sure to visit our weblog later this week for a complete review of these shows...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Gene Simmons Vault Experience - Update!!!

We are so excited that we're doing the Gene Simmons Vault Experience in Amsterdam on july 22th!

Just 1 more week to go for us!

Take a look to this special Vault Personal Gold Plated Label that we got in earlier!

It's heavy and looking awesome with my name on it!

In januari we got the Vault pre-pack in with all kind of items!

It includes: a Signed Golden Ticket by Gene with my name, a Download Card for Are You Ready, a Laminate & a cool T-Shirt

Gene Simmons Band European Tour- Update!!!

The Gene Simmons Band are in Europe right now for their tour!!!
We'll see Gene live on the following shows:

18 July 2018: Esch/Alzette, Luxembourgh!

19 July 2018: Tilburg, The Netherlands!

20 July 2018: Oberhausen, Germany!

Here is Gene promoting his show in july (not januari, lol) in Holland:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Gene Simmons T-Shirts!

We got a suprise package in today and once opened it included these Gene Simmons T-shirts!
They're looking awesome and just in time for the Gene Simmons Band European Tour next week...

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Vault Experience Supplement Book!

Before we get our Vault personally from Gene Simmons later this month, we got this Vault Experience Supplement Book in!
This book have extra material and additional details not included in the Vault's book...

Monday, June 25, 2018

I've Been Interviewed By Veronica Magazine!

Today I've been interviewed by Veronica Magazine!
This is Netherlands biggest TV magazine, stay tuned...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

KISS Live In Rotterdam Ahoy CD!

About 1 year ago we saw KISS live in Ahoy and now we can re-live it all with this KISS Live In Rotterdam Ahoy CD!

This 2-CD set comes in a beautifull digi-pack...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

KISS Key Chains!

We've added these KISS Key Chains to our collection!
They're about 3" high and look amazing...

Sunday, June 10, 2018

8 Years Ago Today!!!

It's been exactly 8 years ago today when we got married!
I'm still the luckiest man in the world!
Didn't knew it was possible, but I love her more and more...

Sunday, June 3, 2018

KISS Voodoo String Dolls - Update!

During our stay in New Orleans you could buy some KISS Voodoo String Dolls!
We we're only be able to find the ones from Gene & Peter. Today we got the ones from Paul & Ace and have our or set complete!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

New KISS Bed Linen!

We've added this latest new KISS Bed Linen to our collection!
These double sided bed linen look fantastic!

Especially with Gene's face on the one side and Paul's star & lips on the other side...

Happy Birthday Eric Singer!

A happy birthday to Eric Singer, who celebrates his 60th birthday today!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

10 Years Ago Today: Our First Meet & Greet With KISS!!!

May 9th 2008, We’ll never forget this day in our lives!!!

Why? This day have changed our lives forever!

Finally we could see a KISS show again, my first one since my last one 7 years ago in Australia! But this kick off show of the Euro tour in Oberhausen (Germany) wasn’t the only reason why this date will allways be special for me…

We also had a meet & greet with Gene, Paul, Eric & Tommy that day! Here's our story!

After a 90 minutes car drive I arrived, together with my brother in a sunny and hot Oberhausen. Checked out the venue and than waited for Marina to arrive, she also did the M&G. We went to the expo to look for KISS stuff ect. Spend a little time there and around 3 pm we were back at the Arena to get our laminate, T-shirt and instructions for the M&G. A very friendly Dean Snowden told me everything I wanted to know and that we had to be back in the venue at 7:30 pm, with our stuff we would like to have signed. So we went to a place to meet friends and with some cool drinks and something to eat (however because of the nerves we almost couldn’t eat) talked to other fans and enjoyed those hrs till it was time for the M&G.

2 days earlier I received a email with the latest M&G details, stated that you could bring guitars in for signing. So I decided to take 1 of my Paul Washburn Guitars with me, along with some records and photo’s. Finally it was time, nerves kicked in now really bad (lol) and together with Marina we got into the venue to the meeting point. With us there were around 20 fans there for the M&G (more than I thought) and at 8 pm we got backstage, to a room, with on the walls the Alive/35 logo and banners with the KISSology DVD’s (this was the same room where the pressconference was on thursday) We got the last instructions from Dean and a copple of minutes later the door went open and with a loud of cheering by us fans, they enter the room…Gene, Paul, Eric & Tommy!!!

The Meet & Greet:

The guys were very kind and thanked us al for coming, first it was time to take the photo with the band. A suprise to us all was that we could also use our own camera to make photo’s!!! When it was my time for the pic I give all the guys a hand and Gene said how are you doing and Paul said something like great to see you, Tommy said welcome and Eric said something too but I cann’t remember what, lol. Time to take my 2 pics with the band and when I saw how my 2 pics have turned out, I couldn’t be more hapier, they’re incredible!

After the photoshoot was over, the guys started to mingle around the fans, so it was time to got my items signed. Paul signed my guitar right away, also his solo picture disc and a photo with me and his self-portrait print. And when he saw that photo, he said that’s really cool! Than Eric & Tommy signed my Rock The Nation DVD and they’re both were very friendly and Tommy is just a great guy, no bad worth about him from me! Last one was Gene and he signed his solo picture disc, Asshole CD and a Family Jewels photo.

The meet & greet was going to its end and the guys got ready to get out of the room very slowly, Paul was the first leaving, with a little later Eric and than Tommy. Gene was still in the room and I was lucky enough to got a photo with him alone, my favorite member! Gene was great and stayed the longest in the room, no arrogance at all.

After the guys where gone (snif) we all got our programm (with a extra photo inside) and to our suprise it was signed by the whole band! And than it was over, it was something special I’ll never forget, it was great to meet the guys in a relax situation, everyone took their time for me and I’m glad I could meet them…

Here is some short footage of my Meet & Greet and Marina’s with KISS
(Note: my photoshoot took longer, this footage shows only a copple of seconds of it!)

Read more about our Meet & Greet and the show here including many photo's...

*(c) 2008. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

KISS Dynasty Action Figures!

The new KISS Dynasty Action Figures set have arrived to us and added to our collection!
These figures were announced in 2014 and finally they've been released.

The Paul Stanley outfit looks great.

I think the Gene Simmons figure looks the best, his head looks the same as on the photo of the package.

I had to re-arange Peter Criss's costume (with lions heads) to make his face visible.

Also Ace Frehley's figure looks great!
The Dynasty erea is the one with the most colorfull costumes in KISStory. These figures are serie 8th and aviabele in 8"& 12".
Last year we got the KISS Destroyer Action Figures set in.

This 7th serie looks great.

It took 3 years untill these Destoyer figures were released!
The lastest KISS Alive Action Figures were released in 2014!

They used the same heads as the previous ones and again they look great!
This time the Gene head has some little blood on his face, very cool.
There are no variants this time and these have been released and only 2 months after the Dressed To Kill figures.

These figures look really awesome in their suites and there are also 2 variants of Gene & Peter!
Last year these awesome KISS Monster Action Figures came in.
First to notice is that each bandmembers name and a band letter is of the package, as they did on the first figures from Mc.Farlayne.

This Gene figure looks awesome with his studs.

As you can see these figures have new sculpted heads.

This set is 8" in size.

Also with this set there are 2 variants figures of Gene & Paul, as they did with the First Album Figures.

Besides a diffrent photo on the package the Gene Figure comes with a very bloody mouth!

And the Paul variant has feathers and that looks cool!
When you did order the whole Monster Figures set, you got this Gene Hotter Then Hell Bloody Figure for free!

2 months ago we got these very cool Sonic Boom Figures in!

Instead of the first 2 series, these figures have new sculpted heads.

Each 8" figure comes with a mini replica of the Sonic Boom album cover.

This set includes the first Tommy Thayer figure ever!

And of course also the first Eric Singer figure ever!
Previously we got these KISS Action Figures in, based on the First KISS Album Here are the ones of Ace Frehley & Gene Simmons.

And Peter Criss & Paul Stanley.

Besides this set, we also got these 2 limited editions variants of Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley!

Last year we got these KISS Love Gun Action Figures in, the first in series.

These 8" figures are based on the Mego Love Gun figures from the 70's and includes a mini album cover.