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Saturday, November 15, 2014

KISS Kruise IV - Dressed To Kruise!!!

On october 29th we landed in Miami for our 3th KISS Kruise, checked in at the Holliday Inn and then we saw Lydia Criss in the hotel lobby. We went over to say hi to her, get our photo's signed from last year and took some new ones.
After some diner we went to the pre-party at Grand Central were we saw Tigertailz & Jack Russel's Great White live, we had a great evening.
The day after it was time to sail again with KISS. This year we had a extra day on the ship, so now we're 6 days Kruisin' with KISS instead of 5! Cheap Trick was special guest on the pre-party and they gave a great show. Then it was time to got some Kruise merchandise and we bought a couple of T-Shirts, Hoodie and more cool items.

The next day the Kruise really starts with KISS coming on board, we saw Gene, Tommy, Eric & Paul (with their families) when they arrived, so cool again!

In the evening we went to Tommy Thayer's Halloween contest, first row and we saw some cool creations coming by.
Saturday KISS would perform live for the first time on this Kruise. But because of the "rockin" sea, the beach show on Great Stirrup Bay was cancelled and now they would play on the pooldeck. This was fine with us, we see them rather play here than on the beach. So we were early enough to get a good spot, 4th row.
At 1:30 pm it was time for the KISS Unplugged show, the band was in great spirit, joking and laughing all the time. They played only a few rare tunes as "See You Tonight"! We had a blast and were lucky enough to catch some guitarpicks.

This was the setlist: Comin Home, Plaster Caster, Got To Choose, God Of Thunder, Hide Your Heart, Christine Sixteen, Nothin To Lose, Love Her All I Can, See You Tonite, Hard Luck Woman, All The way, Shock Me, Hotter Than Hell, Firehouse, C´mon And Love Me, Cold Gin & Do You Love Me.
Here's a selection of our photo's:

After diner it was time for the KISS Q&A and we had almost the same spot on the pooldeck as with the unplugged show. Amoung the questions that have been asked to the band, was what the fans could expect at the Las Vegas shows? A brand new stage, specialy designed for the Joint. Also they announced a European tour in 2015!
Later we checked out some other bands out, 1 of them was the Pat Travisband and suddenly Eric & Tommy came on stage and played some songs with them, later also Paul's son Evan played with them and Paul was in the audience and watch it all.
Later that evening we've meet Evan and he was very cool to us and it was no problem to take photo's with him.

The next day we got up early to get our Paul cabo wabo cup, we already had the ones from Eric & Tommy, these are going fast and on 11 am they hadn't any left. Tomorrow we've to be sure to get our Gene one too, to complete our set.
Also we had a stop in Nassau (Bahama's) we got of the ship and went to visit this town. Not so great as Key West.
Today it was also for us to see KISS live again for the second time! The first indoor show at the Stardust. We went early to get a good spot, left standing area, at Gene's site.
Around 9 pm it was time...KISS came on stage, in their Dressed To Kill suites! A huge applause was to hear from all the fans! Man...this looks so awesome, we knew we'll never see this again! This was so unique, one of a kind experience, this was KISStory in the making and we were there!
They started with Creatures Of The Night and the whole place went nuts!

We saw Shannon & Sophie rockin'and dancing on the upper level and everybody had a great time! This was the setlist: Creatures Of The Night, Psycho Circus, War Machine, Plaster Caster, Tears Are Falling, Let Me Go Rock And Roll, Lick It Up, Calling Dr. Love, Hell Or Hallelujah, I Love It Loud, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, Black Diamond, Shout It Out Loud, The Oath & Rock And Roll All Nite

Again the band enjoyed themselves and we think they know also how rare and unique this Dressed To Kill theme show was! And for we know it, the show was over! And all we could think, we want more, lol!

Here's a selection of our photo's from this special performance:

After the show we went straight to the Tigertailz show and they gave a great performance and a perfect closing of this day!

On monday november 3th it was a day for us with a lot of KISS activities, but first we had to get our last Cabo Wabo cup, the Gene one to complete or set, and we got him!
Than it was time for our first bandmember activity: Gene's guitarpick throwing contest, he didn't win this time. Also Shannon & Sophie came on the stage and were throwing picks, we got some cool ones from Gene!
After this, Paul's bookreading was next, he spoke about certain things from his book and this event was much appreciated by us than the belly flop contest he did in the past years, also Evan watch it from the back.

The Doc Mc.Gee Q&A was up next and he also confirmed there'll be a European tour next year and that the Las Vegas shows will be taped. About KISSology IV...next year. Doc also asked us what be thought about the setlist, fans make sure that they didn't liked it and wanted more rare songs! He said he would pass this to the band.
Here's a selection of our photo's:

After the Q&A it was time for us to get ready for our KISS photo shoot. Because it's Dressed To Kill theme we decided to go in style! Around 7 pm our photo with the band got taken and we were so curious how the photo would look. But we could not hope for a better result, the photo looks so awesome to us, because we weared the same as on our wedding day, it's our "second wedding photo"!
Next up was KISS indoor show 2, we watched it on a big screen in the Atrium. They played some other songs than the first night, such as Parasite. When the show was over we stayed there to see the Big Rock Show and this performance finished this day.
Here's a selection of photo's from our experience:

Tuesday november 4th (excact 30 years ago I saw my first KISS show in Zwolle, The Netherlands during their Animalize world tour in 1984!) was our last morning on the Pearl. KISS Kruise IV was over for us, but we had such a great time, again a unique experience for us and we had blast!
But we were not sad at all. Because we went straight over to the airport to see 3 KISS shows in Las Vegas...

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Anonymous said...

Wij ook weer, yeahhhhhhh

John said...

We'll be there too, cann't wait till it's october!

Kyle said...

We've just booked!!!
This will be our third one!!!
Hell yeah!!!

Drew said...

Waiting untill we can book this week

Drew said...

Just booked, deck 9, see you there!!!

Chrissey said...

Booked, deck 10, wished it was october now, lol

Frank said...

We're waiting for the public sale, will be our first time!

Frank said...

Looks like the next bunch of bookingtime will be announced next week.

Kyle said...

It's coming closer and closer, 11weeks to go!

Chrissey said...

Cool that Paul does some reading from his book for the fans!

Drew said...

Schedule rock, lot of bands, activities and of course KISS!!!

Chrissey said...

In 2 weeks we're sailing!

John said...

We're on our way to Miami! See you all there!

Kyle said...

Oh man only 9 days to go for us, first KKIV and than Las Vegas, hell yeah!

John said...

We'll see you soon, cann't wait to sail and to rock with kiss again!

Anonymous said...

Ben benieuwd naar je verslag!

Rockhead said...

It's up now!

George said...

I been waiting for this brother

Kyle said...

Great review rockhead, was a pleasure to read it all!

Daan said...

Ik heb weer genoten van je verslag Rockhead, jullie hebben een toptijd gehad met de kruise en vegas, ben best wel jaloers!

Christal said...

Thank you for sharing your story, great report, so cool that you both have meet Paul!

Emerson said...

Great review !!!!!!

Lenny said...

I've enjoyed reading your report, great vids and cool kruise band pic, great kissblog!!!

frans said...

Jullie hebben weer een toptijd gehad, gaaf verslag.

Bill said...

These Gene guitars are so cool, cann't believe these are on the cruise!

Marcia said...

I've enjoyed reading your review and see all those video's, must be a awesome experience, I'll be there for the first time on the 5th kruise! Hell yeah!!!

Julie said...

Great review with video and awesome 2nd wedding photo!