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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our KISS-Peter Criss New York Sightings!

When we did the New York Landmark Tour with Peter Criss on june 11th, we also planned to do our own KISS/Peter Criss sighting tour, as we did in Los Angeles! There are even more KISS sightings in New York than in LA, so we did our best to see as much spots as we can.

Our first sighting was the Madison Square Garden were KISS played several times. It was always a dream for each member of the band to play there one day and they played their first gig there in 1977! Our next stop was the Loft, were it all began for KISS, finally we saw it for real. This place has so much KISStory! Wished we could get in there. Our next location was were they shoot the album cover of Dressed To Kill. We think this is the most photograped lamppost in NY. Of course we had to take some pictures from us with it, lol.
If we wouldn't went to the Electric Lady Studio's a day before with Peter, we would have visited it, but nothing can top our experience to get inside the studio with Peter!

Our next stop the location of the glass tunnel photo shoot, we couldn't believe it that it still was there! Of course we had to make some pictures with us of the "tunnel of love" as we called it. Up next was the Diplomat hotel, but it doesn't excist anymore (it's a bank now). On july 13th 1973 KISS played their debut gig at the Diplomat. Than we headed over to the location of the wall fountain, well-known of the photo shoot with the band in 1974. Such a great spot we could have stayed there for hours. Then we went to another fountain were the band was photograped in 1974, near Central Park.

Our next sighting was Radio City were KISS performed in 1993, followed by the next KISS spot the Carnegie House, were KISS was photograped while walking to Central Park. Wasn't easy to find, because it was around the corner, lol. As we came closer to Central Park we visited the location were the cover of the Early Years book was shoot in 1974. Then we headed over to the park for our next 2 locations: the well-known photo of KISS on the stairs and the photo with the band on a field in Central Park. This last spot seems not easy to find, but we found it right away!
Next location was the Jimmy Fallon TV studio were KISS performed in 2014. Then we headed over to one of the famous KISS spots in New York: the Empire State Building! They did a photo shoot at a platform almost on the top of the building in 1976. So we had to find the exact spot were the photo was made and we found it it wasn't easy because some of the buildings are gone or have another colour, lol. Of course we took some pictures with the same buildings behind us, such a thrill to be here!

We also took a boattrip on the Hudson river and we sail under the Brooklyn bridge were KISS performed in 1996. Our last KISS spot was the USS Interprid were KISS announced their reunion tour, also in 1996.

We had such a great time visiting all these cool KISS sightings in New York. Sometimes we couldn't believe that some of these spots still excist and on the other hand it's a shame that some are gone for good. But we had a blast, it's all KISStory!
Here are the photo's of our KISS/Peter Criss Landmark Tour in New York, enjoy...

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Franc said...

You visited some nice spots, always wanted to do this by myself but never did

Sandra said...

Lijkt mij ook te gek om al die plaatsen te bezoeken. Gaat een hoop speurwerk vooraf om alles te vinden. Knap gedaan hoor!

Will said...

Nice journey

Peggy said...

You took some cool pics @ the spots, love them.

Francesca said...

Gaaf van jullie om deze plekken te bezoeken.

Naomi said...

Heeft jullie best wel speurwerk gekost om deze plekken allemaal te vinden.