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Thursday, June 25, 2015

KISS & Ace Frehley European Tour Overview!

The KISS & Ace Frehley European Tour has ended!
And what a blast we had with all those shows! After 3600 KM driving to 3 different countries (Holland, Belgium & Germany) we saw 6 KISS shows & 3 Ace gigs!
We started with the Rock im Revier festival in Gelsenkirchen, followed by Hamburg, Berlin & Leipzig, all in Germany. Than Ace Frehley took over and we saw him in live in Amsterdam & Zoetermeer, both in Holland and in Bochum, Germany. Our roadtrip ended with 2 more KISS shows in Amsterdam (NL) and @ Graspop, Belgium!
We still in are KISS & Ace mode, we still float about it all. Especially when we did our KISS Meet & Greet in Berlin as a special 5th wedding anniversary gift to ourselfs!
There were many highlights for us during all the gigs, first we were front row at all the 3 Ace shows and almost at all the KISS shows we went to! Second, that Paul Stanley recognized us during the M&G and later at the show, he pointed at us, such a great moment that we'll never forget! Third, all the KISS guitarpicks we caught and what about Gene Simmons Blood Cup in Gelsenkirchen! Also we caught several Ace Frehley guitarpicks, drumstick and he even gave us his towel in Zoetermeer! Unbelieveble!
Also it was great to see old friends and make some new friends at all the shows, people came up to us and gave their compliments about our KISS Blog!
And let's not forget what a pleasure it was to watch all those shows, seeing KISS live is a experience, a adventure! Nothing can compare with the mighty KISS! It's maybe weird, but everytime we'll see them live, we become a little bit more fan! Also Ace Frehley was awesome, he played really, really good, had a great band and we loved to see him perform!
As I said before, it's not easy to come to earth, with all the usually daily common things you used to, like work and everything else when you still are in a KISS & Ace mode - and we still floating.
We hope they'll tour Europe once again in the future, because this tour was quite succesfull for them and before they do, we're looking forward to the KISS Kruise V in october...

1 comment:

Fredinand said...

Wat was het gaaf he, ik heb genoten van de 2 shows die ik gezien heb in de Ziggo en GMM! KISS still rules. Ace was ook gaaf in de boerderij. Laat hem maar verder solo zijn, KISS is met deze bezetting op zijn sterkst!
En jullie hebben echt de tijd van jullie leven gehad met al die concerten en de ontmoeting met de band, daar ben ik wel een beetje jaloers op.