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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ace Frehley Live In Zoetermeer & Amsterdam!

After seeing our first Ace Frehley show in Amsterdam 2 days ago, it was time to see show #2 in Zoetermeer today! After a hot car drive we arrived @ the Boerderij and we were the first, lol. We met Richie Scarlet again and talked a bit with him about the Hamburg gig last night. The show tonight was sold out, so it would be packed in there!

As soon the doors went open we got in and got the best spot in the house, right in front of Ace!
At 9:45 PM the Spaceman walked on the stage and from the first song Rocket Ride till the last Rip It Out, we had a blast! We could see everything Ace did, we could feel his sweat on us!
As in Amsterdam, Ace was in a good spirit, he shooked hands and you could see that he loved to play here!
Ace gave a guitarpick to us and to our suprise also his towel, we're so happy with it and will get a great spot in our KISS collection!
Here's a video of Shock Me with his smoking guitarsolo...

Setlist was almost the same as 2 days ago (see slideshow) and he played for about 90 minutes.
As we said before, we had a blast tonight and we think the shows we saw so far were better than the shows in 2009, Ace is really, really good these shows!
We're looking forward to show #3 in Bochum in a copple of days.
Here's a selection of photo's from tonight, enjoy...

2 days earlier, after seeing 4 KISS shows last week in Germany, we saw our first (out of 3) Ace Frehley show in Amsterdam!
When we arrived @ the Melkweg there were only a few fans waiting, so we knew we'll get a good spot tonight. The bus of the band was parked right in front of the venue, not sure if Ace was on board, but we found out that he was on the way from the airport. But guitarist Richie Scarlet came out of the bus and he was very nice to take a copple of photo's with us!

Around 7:15 PM the doors went open and as soon we were in, we went straight to the stage and yes, front row!
The "oude zaal" is not so big and you could also watch the show from a standing balcony. Around 9:25 PM it was time for Ace and all we can say is that he was in a good mood, making jokes and smile a lot. They started with Rocket Ride followed by Gimme A Feelin'.
A lot of Ace classics were played, as Break Out, Rip It Out & Space Invader...

Also some KISS tunes were played, like Love Gun, Deuce & 2000 Man, (see the photo slideshow for setlist) the band played great but the sound was loud!
There was a funny moment in the show when Ace was hiding behind a curtain, so funny! We had a great spot and had a awesome time at the show and loved every minute of it. Ace & Richie gave us a guitarpick in our hands, so cool!
Around 11 PM it all was over and we're looking forward to see Ace in Zoetermeer again.
Here's a selection of photo's from the show, enjoy...

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Wobbie Wob said...

11 Juni Zoetermeer, maar dan zit ik in Parijs voor KISS. You can't have it all.

Wobbie Wob said...

Foutje, te vlug gereageerd, KISS Parijs is Dinsdag 16 Juni, dus kan ik toch naar Zoetermeer.

Johan said...

Gaaf, kan niet wachten!

Hans said...

Ich habe tickets fur Ace in Bochum. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Henny said...

Tickets voor de boerderij zijn in de pocket! Yes, eerst Ace en dan 1 week later KISS!

Johan said...

Tickets voor Bochum zijn gearriveerd. een stuk duurder dan die in Nederland.

Wobbie Wob said...

11 juni Ace in Zoetermeer, 16 juni KISS in Parijs, 19 juni KISS op Graspop en 21 juni KISS in Barcelona. YESSSS LET'S RIDE!!!!!

Wobbie Wob said...

@ Rockhead, weet jij toevallig of er ook nog een mogelijkheid is voor een ACE handtekening?

Rockhead said...

@ Wobbie Wob; 2+3+4 juni KISS in Duitsland, 11 juni Ace in Nederland, 15 juni Ace in Duitsland, 18 juni KISS in Nederland & 19 juni KISS op Graspop, Here we go!!!
Wat betreft Meet & Greet Ace, als deze er komen zullen ze apart verkocht gaan worden via zijn site. Afgaande op de prijs in de US gok ik vanaf 200 euro...

Arie said...

Kaartje voor Ace gekocht vandaag, ik ben erbij!

Rudi said...

Ich bin bei Ace in Bochum!

Johan said...

Ik ben er ook bij in Amsterdam! Zie jullie daar.

Marcel said...

Ben er ook hard over aan het denken om ook nog naar de melkweg te gaan.

Kyle said...

Lucky you, 3 shows!

Rockhead said...

Setlist Ace from Townsville Australia last night:

Fractured Mirror
Rocket Ride
(KISS song)
Gimme a Feelin'
(KISS song)
Love Gun
(KISS song)
Space Invader
King of the Night Time World
(KISS song)
(KISS song)
2000 Man
(The Rolling Stones cover)
Rock Soldiers
Bass Solo
Strange Ways
(KISS song)
Talk to Me
(KISS song)
New York Groove
(Hello cover)
2 Young 2 Die
Shock Me
(KISS song)
Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
Rip It Out
Detroit Rock City
(KISS song)
Cold Gin
(KISS song)
(KISS song)

Henny said...

Laten we hopen dat Ace iets meer nummers zal spelen van anomaly en space invader als hij in ons land speelt!

Wobbie Wob said...

Wegens omstandigheden 2 kaarten over voor Ace in Zoetermeer. Iemand interesse? Aan kost prijs.

Ira said...

Excellent slide show pics, Carol!!!

Ron said...

Great reviews of the Ace shows Rockhead, you're so lucky that you got Ace towel, so cool!!!

Hans said...

Tolle bilder von ace, morgen sehen wir ace in Bochum!

Henny said...

Ace kicked ass in Zoetermeer, wat een show, GAAF!!!

Michel said...

Geweldig optreden en idd....Ace was too funny met zijn gordijn grapje.
Jammer dat Ritchie het niet in de gaten had.
Ace probeerde tot 2/3 keer zijn aandacht ermee te trekken maar Ritchie ging zodanig op in zijn nummer dat hij niet in de gaten had wat Ace deed :-)

Anonymous said...

Ace in hochform, jedes Solo sowas von saugeil gespielt mit sichtlich viel Freude, das war bei der Anomalytour nur 50% von wie er sich jetzt präsentierte.
Breakout endlich mal live gehört.