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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eric Carr's Unfinished Business CD Is In!

Today I got Eric Carr's Unfinished Business CD Package in!
Besides the CD (digipack) it also includes a special Guitarpick and a Rockhead's Card!
Loretta Caravello told me last year that this album would be released around Eric's 20th anniversery and it's out now!
This is the complete tracklist:

1) Eric speaks to the fans, 2) Just Can’t Wait (featuring Ted Poley) 3) Troubles Inside (Demo) 5) Eric talks about his music, 6) No One’s Messin' With You (Demo) 7) Carr Jam 1981 (Benny Doro/Joey Cassata) 8) Eric talks about audition, 9) Shandi (Eric Carr audition vocal) 10) All Hell’s Break-in’ Loose (ZO2) 11) Dial L For Love (Demo) 12) Elephant Man, 13) Eric Talks about Mark St. John, 14) Midnite Stranger (Demo) 14) Eyes Of Love featuring John Humphrey (Seether) & Benny Doro 15) Bill Aucoin talks about Eric , 16) Through The Years, 17) I Cry at Night (The Cellarmen) & 18) Eric kidding around a Kiss album reharsal.

This CD is a real tribute to Eric Carr, once again it shows Eric's awesome drumstyle and his great voice on several tracks!!! There's a lot of interesting stuff on it, make sure you'll buy it here...


Dave said...

Where did buy get this CD??? I've read that the release is on nov 8th?

Rockhead said...

@ Dave; I've ordered at ericcarr.com, just click on the link in the topic...

Adam said...

The cd arrived this morning.
Great to hear Eric's voice again.
First listen as i type this. 'Shandi' n' 'Dial L for love'!

Dave said...

Thanks rockhead, I've just ordered cd!

sammy boggs said...

I've just ordered my copy of Paulies new CD and I cannot wait to receive it. I am thinking of learning the guitar because of him. I would like to try drums but Im 58 and my neighbors would blow a gasket, haha. I remember him fondly and after twenty years my heart still hurts that he is gone. But NOT FORGOTTEN!!! Sammy Boggs