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Thursday, March 26, 2020

KISS The End Of The Road World Tour - Postponed

We've reckon with it since a couple weeks and today KISS manager Doc. McGee said that the whole The End Of The Road World Tour for 2020, including all European dates, are been postponed because of the corona crises worldwide!!!

They'll try to re-schedule for next year if they can work out new dates! All we can hope for is that they'll return to Europe in 2021, but we keep in mind that maybe 2019 was their last European tour...

Sunday, March 15, 2020

KISS Mego Retro Action Figures!

We added these new KISS Mego Retro Action Figures to our collection!
We got the Starchild & Demon figures while we were on the KISS Kruise IX.

And we bought the Spaceman & Catman figures here in The Netherlands. Never thought they would be aviable here and we're happy that we have this set complete now.

Each figure measures approximately 8-inches tall.

Each figure boasts 14 points of articulation.

And each figure has real cloth clothing.

All figures comes packaged on a blister card, with KISS questions on the back...

Friday, March 6, 2020

Bruce Kulick Animalize Guitarpicks Tin!

We added this new Bruce Kulick Animalize Guitarpicks Tin to our collection!
This tin contains 4 different Guitarpicks that Bruce used during the Animalize World Tour in 1984.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Gene Simmons Moneybag Soda's!

Finally we've added the Gene Simmons Moneybag Soda's to our collection!

We're lucky enough to get 4 different flavors:
Cola, Ginger Ale, Diet Cola & Cream Soda.
The bottles have great labels with awesome graphic designs on them.

Also we managed to get some of the 4 pack carriers...

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

KISS Faballs!

We added this new KISS Faballs to our collection!
This 4 pack of Faball squeaky dog toys includes all four KISS members with iconic hair and all...

Thursday, February 6, 2020

We're Booked For The KISS Kruise X - Update!

We're Booked For The KISS Kruise X!!!
We're looking forward to sail with KISS again in october!

As today the KISS Kruise X is sold out!

We're so excited that Bruce Kulick & his band are added to the line-up!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Paul Stanley Puma GV Special Sneakers!

I got these new Paul Stanley Puma GV Special Zebra Sneakers as a gift from my lovely wife!

This is the second collaboration between Paul Stanley & Puma.
We also got the first edition of the Paul Stanley Puma Suede Sneakers, these came out in september 2018.

Comes with Paul’s logo at the tongue & sole of the sneaker and a silver look plated label with Paul Stanley's name.

Also has 2 different furry leopard prints with star studs and a zebra printed sole.

These limited edition sneakers came with a great colorfull box.

Monday, January 20, 2020

A Happy Birthday To Paul Stanley!

A happy birthday to Paul Stanley, the ultimate frontman of rock & roll, who celebrates his 68th birthday today!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

KISS Tour Merchandise From Japan!

We added some cool KISS Tour Merchandise From Japan to our collection, like these amazing KISS End Of The Road Plush Figures set!

The figures are dressed in their End Of The Road outfits.

The plush figures are about 18 cm high.

This set was only released in Japan!

The box has the End Of The Road Tour artwork.!

We also got the End Of The Road Spicy Curry, with a Collector Card that came with it!

And this End Of The Road Shopping Bag and it's huge!
A big thank you to our friend Eriko...

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Happy New (KISS) Year!

We want to wish all the visitors of our blog a happy new KISS year!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Merry KISSmas!

We want to wish all the visitors of our blog a merry KISSmas!

Friday, December 20, 2019

A Happy Birthday To Peter Criss!

A happy birthday to Peter Criss, the original Catman who turnes 74th years today!

We've recently Meet Peter Criss last october in Miami...

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

KISS Guitar Plug Keychain!

We added these KISS Guitar Plug Keychains to our collection!
Thanks to Tom for his gift...

Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Happy Birthday To Bruce Kulick!

A happy birthday to Bruce Kulick who celebrates his 66th birthday today!
This photo was taking during the KISS Kruise IX just over a month ago...

Monday, December 9, 2019

KISS Dortmund Tickets Are In!

We got our tickets in to see KISS live in Dortmund next year!
We're so excited to see them during their second European leg of the End Of The Road World Tour...

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Our KISS Kruise IX Experience!!!

On october 30th the day has come we’ve been waiting for a whole year: it was time for sailing with KISS again. This KISS Kruise IX will be our 8th one! We arrived around 11:30 AM at the port and after we’ve checked in it was time for our welcome aboard photo:

Once aboard we went to the restaurant to get lunch and during our stay there we saw a lot of our friends from previous Kruises and we had a great time catching up with eachother. After our lunch we went to our cabin to fresh up and we’re happy with our gift; a KISS Kruise IX Beach Towel! Then we headed over to the entrance deck and waited for KISS to arrive at the Pearl. Here’s our video of the arrival:

After the band was on board and our drill we went up to the pooldeck for the KISS Q&A, this time the usual KISS sail away show was a day later because they had something special planned for us. So we had a great spot for the Q&A, front row, on the right side, as you can see on the photo below.

Around 6 PM Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric came on the stage along with a huge cheer by the fans. They were in great spirit. No suprises with the questions that were asked but always fun to see them joking around. Here’s a selection of our Q&A photo’s:

After the Q&A we got our first KISS Kruise IX Cup, the Catman Cup! Than we headed over to the Spinnaker Lounge for all the merchandise, we bought several items; some cool T-shirts & Hoodies. After diner we checked out some of the other bands and then it was time for some rest.

The next day, october 31th, we had our first stop in Great Stirrup Cay. We decided to stay on board and relax a bit after our hectic days with our Meet & Greet Experiences with Peter Criss & Ace Frehley! We got our black Kruise Cup and then we did the KISS Expo tour. Each year they’ve different KISS gear & costumes displayed around the ship and it’s always great to see those items for real. Here’s a selection of our photo’s:

Around 4 PM we went to the pooldeck were KISS would perform their sail away show. This time they had something special, they would play on a round rotating stage! We decided to get a spot on the upper deck so that we would have a great view on this stage and a few minutes after 5 PM the band came on the stage and they started with Comin’ Home. It was cool to see them playing on that rotating stage. Paul joked a lot by saying; seeing you in a few minutes again, lol. Here’s our video of Beth:

They played some great tunes like See You Tonight & Mainline. Here’s our video of Mainline:

And our video of Hide Your Heart:

After Hide Your Heart they asked Bruce Kulick to join them and we loved to see them all together! They all had fun to play together and we loved it. Here’s our video of Domino:

It's always great to see them play unplugged and with this rotating stage it brought something special to it. We thought it was awesome!
This was the setlist: Comin' Home, Hard Luck Woman, Plaster Caster, Goin' Blind, See You Tonite, Love Her All I Can, Hotter Than Hell, Beth, Mainline, Hide Your Heart, She, Shandi,A World Without Heroes, Domino, Every Time I Look At You, Nothin' To Lose.
Here's a selection of our photo's:

After the show was over we relaxed a bit and had some dinner. Later that night we went to the halloween party and we had such fun there and it was a perfect ending of this second day.

On friday november 1th, after breakfast and having our Starchild Cup we went to the Stardust Theater for the Paul Stanley Art Class, always great to hear him talk about his passion. He also talked about his glass sculpted guitars and answered questions from the fans.
Then we went to ask Doc, the Q&A with KISS's manager, follewed by the KISS crew pannel, quite interestting. Later it was time to see Bruce Kulick and his band on the pooldeck for his first show. We knew after his show on the KISS Kruise VIII we would get a great show! They started with Creatures Of The Night and followed their setlist with a lot of KISS songs we headn’t heard for years like: I’ve Enough (Into The Fire) & Get All You Can Take, here’s our video:

Bruce was smiling all the time and had so much fun to play these songs. The band with Zach Thrones, Brent Fizz & Tod Kerns are a pleasure for us to see them perform together with Bruce! They also played a Animalize medley, here’s our video:

We had such a great time to hear all those songs again and before we know it, it all was over. This was the setlist: Creatures of the Night, Tears Are Falling, Watchin' You. Animalize Medley with: I've Had Enough (Into The Fire), Get All You Can Take, Burn Bitch Burn, Lonely Is The Hunter, Under The Gun & Thrills In The Night, Uh! All Night, Trial By Fire, Reason To Live. Hot In The Shade Medley with: Betrayed, Read My Body, Little Caesar, The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away, Rise To It, Let's Put the X In Sex, My Way, Turn On The Night. Revenge Medley with: Carr Jam, Paralyzed, I Just Wanna, Tough Love & Spit, The Star-Spangled Banner

It was time for a break and we got some dinner in the restaurant before it was time for our KISS show in the Stardust Theater. We had almost the same spots as last year, standing at Gene’s side. At 9 PM it was time for the Hottest Band In The World...KISS!!!
Everytime it’s a magic moment for us when we see the curtains go open and we see the band on the stage, everytime we got goosebumps and everytime we a thrilled for the show! They started with Say Yeah!, always a favorite song of us. Then they played (for the first time since 1995) Larger Than Life (!), here’s our video:

We had a blast to hear this one and all the fans went nuts!
Here's our video of Crazy, Crazy Nights:

The band sounded awesome and this year we got some deep cuts, like It’s My Life, played live for the first ever! Here’s our video:

Another deep cut was God Give Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II. With Rock & Roll All Night and a rain of confetti it all came to a end for us, we had a blast at this show and enjoyed every minute of it! This was the setlist:Say Yeah, Larger Than Life, Strutter. Watchin' You, Got To Choose, Do You Love Me, Christine Sixteen, Heaven's On Fire, Cold Gin, I Was Made For Lovin' You, Crazy Crazy Nights, It's My Life & God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II. Encores: Detroit Rock City, Rock And Roll All Nite.
Here's a selection of our photo's:

After this awesome show it was time to relax, as good as it get's, because we heard that KISS would make a big announcement tomorrow...

The next day, saturday november 2th, we had our second stop: Falmouth in Jamaica. This port was a nice place, it looked like a little village. Once back on the ship the one questions we asked ourselfs was: what would be the big KISS announced this night? European Kruise? Last tour show? After we got our Spaceman Cup we went to the Stardust Theater for our stage photo and as you can see above it turned out great! After that we headed to the Atrium for Name That Solo with Tommy Thayer, always great to hear & see Tommy play some solo’s. Right after we went up to the pooldeck for Bruce Kulick’s second and last show. Around 6:15 PM it was time for the band to hit the stage and they started with Unholy, followed by Who Wants To Be Lonely, here’s our video:

Brent, Tod & Zach all wear the same shirts with all the band members names on the front, shame they didn’t sell these on the Kruise.
Here’s our video of Uh! All Night:

Again they had a great setlist with the Carnival Of Souls medley including I Walk Alone, here’s our video:

Bruce also did a emotional tribute to KISS drummer Eric Carr with Little Ceasar & Carr Jam! The band also played for the first time a song live that isn’t listed on any KISS album: Time Traveler, here’s our video:

We had a blast at this show and the Bruce Kulick band did it again!
This was the setlist: Unholy, Who Wants to Be Lonely, Uh! All Night, Trial by Fire CarnIval Of Sould Medley with: Hate, Master & Slave, Rain & In the Mirror, I Walk Alone Animalize Medley with: I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) Get All You Can Take, Burn Bitch Burn, Lonely Is The Hunter, Under The Gun & Thrills In The Night, Time Traveler, Betrayed, Read My Body, Little Caesar. Revenge Medley with: Paralyzed, I Just Wanna, Tough Love & Spit, The Star-Spangled Banner.
Here's a selection of our photo's:

It was now time to relax a bit and ask ourselfs what would be the big KISS announcement? It supposed to be announced at 8:30 PM at the pooldeck, but because of a little bad weather it would be announced at 9 PM right before the band would start their second show in the Stardust. A few minutes before 9 PM we went to the Atrium and waited for the announcement…

At 9:02 PM KISS announced all the last dates of their End Of The Road World Tour and their last tour show ever! Here’s our video of the announcement:

So KISS’s last tour show will take place in: New York on july 17th 2021!!! We hope we’ll be there…

Later that night we’ve meet Bruce Kulick in the restaurant. Always awesome that he knew our names and is happy to see us. We talked about his shows and his band. We said to him that we appreciated his tribute to Eric Carr and he sincere thanked us for that. We talked quite some time with him and as always it’s a pleasure to meet him!

After seeing Steven Adler’s great show, this day almost came to a end for us, but not before we saw our great gift that was waiting for us in our cabin:

On sunday november 3th it was a full day ahead for us. After breakfast we got our last Cup, the Demon Cup to make our set complete!

Then it was time for the Kruise Swap and I got some cool items to add to my collection. Right after I went to the Stardust Theater for the events with Gene Simmons. My lovely wife was waiting for me and had my spot covered. When I sat next to her she asked how the swap was and I told her I got some cool items. Then she showed me, to my big suprise, some Gene Simmons Money Bag Soda’s! Wow, so cool, I was trying to get these for almost 2 years! We we’re so happy with them!

So, it was now time for Are You Smarter Than A Rock God? with the Demon himself. But before Gene started he first make some advertising for his Gene Simmons Money Bag Soda’s, lol. Always funny to see him answering questions in the way he does. Next up was Pick Throwing With Gene Simmons and again he promote his Soda’s in a funny way. Also funny to see him throwing the second price (a bobble head) in the audience, not knowing it was a price, lol. And of course, as all you know, Gene is a king throwing guitarpicks!
After the event we got to the restaurant for something to eat, because the next event that was coming up was Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer Tells All. This event was hosted by Keith Leroux and fans had the chance to ask questions as how it was for them to join the band as how the songs are picked for the setlist. It was great to see that Bruce Kulick was asked to join them by Tommy & Eric! It was quite some interesting Q&A with all of them together. Next up was supoosed to be the KISS Family Feud event on the pooldeck, but sadly it was cancelled because of the bad weather. After dinner we went one last time to the Stardust Theater for Bedtime Stories With Paul Stanley, we had no clue what we could expect, but the dresscode was you had to wear pyjama’s, lol. Once the event started Paul came on stage (filled with pillows) in a KISS/Paul pyjama, so cool to see and he thanked all for beeing there in their pyjama’s and that we had the balls to wear them. To the ones who attented without pyjama’s he said you don’t have balls, lol. He started with some cartoons on the big screen, followed with answering questions and ended with telling us a bedtime story out a book. So funny to be a part of it, lol.
Here’s a selection of our photo’s of all the activities we went to with Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric:

With this event this day came to a end for us.

The next day, monday november 4th, was our last day on the Norwegain Pearl and our Kruise came to his end. After breakfast it was time to embark the ship, but not before way say goodbye to a lot of old & new friends. Every day on this Kruise I got compliments on our KISS blog and that’s always great to hear! That is the reason I still get inspired to do it all!
Here’s selection of photo’s of our KISS Kruise IX goodies:

We had such a awesome time again, sailing with KISS again and of course Bruce Kulick, this was our 8th KISS Kruise and every Kruise we did was special, we have no favorite, all 8 kicked ass in their own way! We hope we're sailing with KISS again on the KISS Kruise X next year!

*(c) 2019. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!

Remembering Eric Carr!

It's been 28 years ago today when Eric Carr passed away.
Over the 11 years Eric spent with KISS, he played over 800 concerts and I was lucky enough to see him kick the drums at 3 shows, in 1984 and 2 in 1988.
Eric played the drums like thunder, especially on Creatures Of The Night!
For me he was the best drummer KISS ever had!

Take some time and remember Eric Carr today...

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ace Frehley Live In Miami!

On tuesday october 29th we saw Ace Frehley live in Miami!
One day after our Ace Meet & Greet Experience @ Kruisefest we're happy to see the original Spaceman live this evening.
Before the show started we bought a cool Ace T-shirt. Kruisefest had several bands playing this day and one of them was Return Of The Comet, Ace's first solo band from way back in the 80's. It was so awesome that there was a Frehley's Comet reunion for the last 2 songs on the Return Of The Comet show! (More about this will be posted soon)

Around 11:15 PM it was time for Ace and we're ready. He started with Rip It Out, always a favorite song of us. Ace sounded great and he played some cool tunes like Hard Times, Snowblind & Rocket Ride!
Ace only played one song from his latest album Spaceman: Mission To Mars, here's our video:

Of course he did his smoking guitar solo during Shock Me and played on his lightbold guitar during New York Groove.
This was the setlist: Rip It Out, Parasite, Hard Times, Watchin' You, Snowblind, Rocket Ride, She, Strange Ways, Mission To Mars, New York Groove, shock Me, Cold Gin. Encores: Detroit Rock City & Deuce.
We had a awesome time seeing Ace live again and his show was a perfect ending of Kruisefest and a great start for the KISS Kruise IX. Here's a selection of our photo's from the show, enjoy...

*(c) 2019. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Our Ace Frehley Meet & Greet Experience In Miami!!!

On monday october 28th, after we had our Peter Criss Meet & Greet Experience in Miami we headed over to the Hilton Blue Lagoon hotel for our next event: Our Ace Frehley Meet & Greet Experience! It's so incredible to get the chance to meet 2 original KISS members on 1 day!
We arrived around 4:30 PM at the hotel, after we've checked inn we went over to the Cove Ballroom for meeting the original Spaceman.

When it was our time to meet Ace we saw him sitting behind a table, he asked us how we are doing with a big smile on his face. We brought some cool items with us to get signed by Ace, first we let him sign was our wedding document:

Our wedding document was already signed by: Gene, Paul, Peter, Bruce, Tommy, Eric & Vinnie and we only needed Ace signature to make it complete, we're so happy now that all living members have signed it!
Next up for signing was KISS first album:
We only need Paul's signature to make it complete.
Also we let Ace sign the 12" vinyl single of Frehley's Comet: Into The Night:

A few minutes later Frehley's Comet members: John Regan & Tod Howarth would sign this 12" also, because we would meet the Return Of The Comet today aswell!
Last item Ace signed for us was the Frehley's Comet Live+1 CD cover for us:
During the signing Ace was talking to us and just kept smiling. When our time was up we thanked him for all his music.

A hour later it was time for our photo with the original Spaceman and as you all can see above they turned out great! After our photo was taking and we had to leave we give him a big hug. It has been 10 years ago when we've meet Ace in Bochum and we had another great experience with him today!
Here's the signed event poster we got:

And our Ace Frehley laminates:

We had a awesome day with meeting both Peter Criss & Ace Frehley and the KISS Kruise IX hasn't started yet...

*(c) 2019. All personal photo’s/slideshows/filmed footage may only be used by others if is reference/linked to this site or me and ask me first!